Pre School & Primary School Sports Day

Primary and Pre School Sports Days

Last week saw our younger students participate in the Primary and Pre School Sports Days. The PS1 – PYP1 morning was organised and run by our MYP 4 students as part of their assessed curriculum. They designed the games and rules and led our youngest students t

hrough each activity. Due to the recent rains the event areas were reshuffled with games taking place in both the MPH and on the field.



Students arrived buzzing with excitement. They had their listening ears, watching eyes and thinking brains and were decked out in the House colours. Each grade took part in 5 different activities ranging from parachute games to obstacle races and relays. Following on from this was the sprint race whereby every student received points for their house by racing one length of the field. The morning culminated in a relay race for the PS3 and PYp 1 students.

Then came time for the awards. Every student had participated so well that they all received gold medals.