PYP4 Business Fair – Our Summative Assessment.

On the twenty fourth of May, the students of PYP 4 had a business fair. There were products and services ranging from slime to massages! All of the young entrepreneurs had an absolutely amazing time going through the process of starting their own businesses.

During the process, the students had to make a business plan, to make sure everything was in order, then, they had to write a business proposal to the “sharks” (PYP 4 teachers). After that, the teams moved on to marketing and supply and demand. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of math behind all the work. For example, if it wasn’t for profit and loss, the shopkeepers would have been in a hot mess! Anyway, after that the students prepared themselves for the big day. There were a few stumbles in the road, but, you know what they say! ‘Don’t let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey’. The big day finally arrived. There were so many people, but, I must admit, the highlight of the fair was definitely the ice cream cart. All in all, almost everyone made a good profit, had fun and learned a lot along the way. I’m sure that no one will forget this day, I certainly won’t.

By Manel Mekhaldi

What is Summative Assessment – A summative assessment is a test that checks how much you have learnt in the whole unit .

What did we have to do in our summative  – We had to make / start a new business and also we had to follow everything we did if we were opening a real company . Selling the products for real money .

How did all of us feel about  this when we heard about it – We all were like “yeah” we will play with money it is all about how dedicated we were with all of this .

How did we prepare for it  – We all had to decide on what we are going to sell first next we had to write a proposal letter to the sharks ( Mr. Albert,Miss.Karve,Miss Shweta ) . Then we had to to write surety letter if we wanted to take a loan and we started of with all our graphs , sheets and forms .

The Big Day – We all reached school early and started putting up all our items, the big ice cream truck came in and that was the main attraction for the big day by the KAAAS Foodies. The main point of the fair was how we sold and how much money we earned . We all loved selling our products and it was an enjoyable day. We all learnt how to be shopkeepers and it was the most tiring day.

By Kanav.

PYP 4 Business Fair Report

By Adi Sood

On the 24th of May 2018 me and the rest of the PYP 4 class had a business fair in which we had to make a product and sell it for real money. I was part of a group called KAS foodies and we had good food and a super selling ice cream made by fourteen year olds that we made a joint venture with. There were eleven companies including us and they all had a different approach to their selling which was good. In the end the DIY shop made the most money and a total profit of Rs. 14380, my group came third making Rs. 5871. Most important thing was that we had fun.