PYP 2 – How we express ourselves

For our unit under the transdisciplinary theme  “How we express ourselves”, the PYP 2  students visited the BIB Arts and Recreation Center at Wakad, our purpose was to inquire into how people communicate using different forms of visual art. The students were given excellent opportunities to get creative and express their thoughts and ideas!

Read some recounts to find out what a fantastic day they had:

Hridaan Firodia

My First Field trip in PYP-2

On Thursday a bright sunny morning my classmates, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Monica, Ms. Christina and I went for a field trip to learn about how other people express themselves. First, we went in a blue fat bus. I sat next to Soobum. We only played a game once. It was rock, paper and scissors. We waited for not much time. I predicted 15 minutes from our exciting school. When we reached we climbed some stairs and stood in a straight line. There were sweet letters. One of them was also Ms. Christina’s. After we read the letters, we went in and the extraordinary team introduced themselves. Later we all went to the pottery station. Mr. Harry Potter gave a few toys in a silver glittery plastic bowls to 3 children. Afterwards we formed our groups but one child was added to every group. We went to the pottery station again to make our own mud slab. I made a strange starfish on a square shaped mud slab. It took a long time cause Mr. Harry Potter had to show us how to make it. Some seconds later we washed our hands and ate our snack. I ate chocolate oreo, a yummy banana, a delicious juice and some yummy dry fruits. After that we went to the amazing technology station. We sat on a half- broken chair each near a computer. The next moment I went to an app that read P.S D. Mrunmayee’s place was the beach and all the others was a brilliant football pitch. Mrunmayee’s person was a super girl. Michel’s was a brave knight. And all the others were black Batman. After that Michel, the instructor showed us how to swap batman to the football pitch. The animals we chose were ferocious tigers and silly bears. The next thing I know we did the painting and I did a happy face on the colossal paper. It had spiky hair. Last I realised we all had to go to the Art & Craft center. The team said we could do anything if we had a special occasion and if we didn’t, we could make Christmas cards. I had several special occasions so I chose the closest. It was 7th December, funny Smyan”s birthday. I just couldn’t wait for that day. Yeah man I couldn’t. So I started to do make Smyan’s birthday card. I made an orange floating birthday cake card. Next I used the stamper and used the red border. I cut 6 orange birthday cakes and stuck them on the red border. Then I cut 9 tiny blue balloons and used the borders and stuck them. I cut 9 tiny red balloons and stuck them in the gaps of the borders. Later, I stuck the flying colorful balloons and 5 humans. One human was standing on one foot below one balloon so Michael suggested that we put a string and it would look like the balloon is making the human fly. I said, “Good Idea!” and I did it. The same thing happened to one of the other humans. Finally, we took a picture and left the wonderful art center. We went in the bus and left the art center. I was so exhausted but happy at the same time.

Andre Christie

My Field Trip to BIB

On Thursday in the morning I went on a field trip. Before I went I had to eat my snack with the rest of PYP-2. Once we finished we had to go to the bus. The journey wasn’t very long . Once we got there we had to climb some stairs. I didn’t think BIB would be so good. But as soon as I walked in I saw so many fun things. I was excited ! Ms.Monica divided us into groups. My group went to the technology place first. We did lots of fun things there. After that was over we had snack. I had a lot to eat. Next I went to the clay station. It looked a bit messy but I thought it was nice. They gave us slabs of clay. There were shapes which we had to put on the slabs. After that we had something to eat. I had a sandwich. When we finished we went to the art section. In art I painted an Emoji to express how we were feeling. Finally it was craft session. There we made cards for parties. Finally it was time to go to the bus. Before that they gave us something . He gave us cards and a butterfly. We went down stairs and saw our bus drivers running to the bus. We all got in and went back to school. I felt a bit hungry.

Oiva Hautakoski

PYP-2 Field Trip

On Thursday, PYP-2 and 3 teachers went for a field trip. They went to a beautiful Art Centre because we want to learn how to express with art. First we ate our first snack. When we ate our snack then we got to a school bus No 8 which was a blue bus. Next we were at the art centre and we walked up the stairs. When we went inside a room and we kept our bags. We went to another room with a lot of small computers and we also saw a big screen and a funny man called Michael.We did art by using computers. Soon we went to another room with clay and saw another man who was doing something. We made different things with clay. After that we ate our second snack. Then we went to the painting room. There we saw a screen and Sangamesh taught us that through different colors in our paintings we can express ourselves. Then we drew a picture of an emoji and we used the best emoji. Sangamesh said that we can only paint with three colors. Then we started painting with dashes. I painted my emoji face with blue, the eyes with yellow and the mouth with red. Finally, we did craft and I did a card for Michel’s birthday. When the time got over we went back to school and we had to say a word that described the field trip. Daniel and I went in bus No 5 and I felt tired.