PYP3-Field Trip Magic Bus

The PYP3 students thoroughly enjoyed a memorable camping experience at the Magic Bus campsite. The venue of the camp site is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats amidst scenic beauty. The students thoroughly indulged themselves in a  range of adventure and recreational activities such as: ziplining, rappelling, trekking and fun team building games.  The children also experienced  communal living, in dometries, and they particularly enjoyed the bunk beds !

The entire outdoor education  experience helped  the children and adults forge a stronger community bond and become more independent, reflective and  confident in their approach towards new experiences. We all left the camp site with lots of amazing memories that  we will cherish for years to come.

Here are some excerpts from the students  reflections:

“Rappelling was exciting as it felt like climbing down Mt Everest and even after a fun filled day I still felt as energetic as a monkey. So I took a nice cold shower and rested before enjoying a nice dinner of cheese pizza ”- Tommaso

“We had breakfast which was DELICIOUS! I had a lot of nutella sandwiches and hot chocolate! Then we did…. Zipling! It was the best time of my life! I felt really really scared at first but I managed to do it!” – Manel

“Zipling was so much fun because we went so fast! This was almost the same as rappelling but I was not scared anymore. I wanted to go down, even without the rope! After ziplining, we played a cool game called minefield. It was so much fun that I could play it all day!”

“After dinner we got into our pyjamas and waited eagerly for the mighty bonfire!!! We had tons of fun with lots of camaraderie and songs. After all that fun it was time to go to bed. When we were about to fall asleep an unusual guest with four legs (tiny mouse) visited us. Just a tiny mouse kept us awake until 11.00 pm by scurrying around from one bed to another. At last the rat went away and we could sleep peacefully. We woke up to a gorgeous morning with birds tweeting. We quickly got ready for our adventurous day ahead” – Aaryan