PYP 2 field trip to Durshet

The students enjoyed adventure activities like rappelling, wall climbing and zip-lining. We played team games and had an excellent star gazing activity at night where we learned about our galaxy. This trip gave the students an opportunity to show their Self-management skills and Social skills. They were Independent, Responsible and Risk takers too!

Here is a line or two from each students’ field trip report-

Yuval- “Early in the morning my mom woke me up and I was really excited and really not excited. I was going to miss my mommy and daddy.”

Juha- “We went at 8:45 a.m. I sat with my friend and we reached at 11:00.”

Rhea- “Before we left Ms Helen the principal she told us to say the two magic words please and thank you. Then we left.”

Avantika- “When we reached Durshet we got to choose room partners. My best room partners were Sonali and Sia N.”

Nalan- “First we looked at our rooms and organised our rooms.”

Sia N- “We unpacked our suitcases, then we changed and put on mosquito repellent.”

Timothy- “But I had neighbours (in the room next door), Jaeseong and Doyoung all the time they called us up (on the intercom). But in the night I found their number!”

Doyoung- “We made a team called Legends and the another team was called Eagles. The Legends needed to make (a formation of) a plane and the Eagles needed to make (a formation of) a helicopter.”

Sonali- “We made a flag for each team.”

Arjun- “After lunch we had another task. It was to collect all nature’s things and fill the paper (one object they find around them for each letter of the alphabet).”

Pranjal- “Then we went for flying fox. We had to climb half a huge mountain to get there!”

Jeongwon- “First Ms Shanti and Ms Espi went down. When it was my turn I was really scared. But after I went down I wanted to do it again.”

Jaeseong- “When everyone got down we went down the mountain. It was yucky because there was too much cow dung.”

Sia D- “We ate Maggi. It was delicious.”

Ilhan-Hugo- “Then we climb a big giant wall climbing and I thought I couldn’t do but I was a risk taker so I tried it.”

Aryan- “After wall climbing we had playtime. We played football.”

Ridhan- “At star gazing I discovered when Orion sets Scorpion rises. We saw Mars and Venus. We can also see Jupiter at 4:00 a.m.”

Narin- I also did bonfire and eat very yummy marshmallows and very yummy party snacks and I went to my room and brush my teeth and Ms Monica make me sleep.”

Jane- “Next day we went rappelling. It was fun. I was trying to get down but tried to go to the top of the wall (instead). I was being a risk taker because I tried even if I couldn’t do it.”


Ms Shanti, Espi, Monica