PYP4 Assembly Reflection

Our Unit of Inquiry is “Who We Are” which is about our beliefs, values and traditions. Our class discussion was the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and the beliefs behind it.

We were thinkers when we researched and we used creativity to sculpt eco-friendly Ganeshas in Visual Art with Ms. Charmaine and to draw our values with Ms. Shambhavi.

For our weekly assembly we talked about the story of Ganesha’s birth, how the Ganesh festival is celebrated and why it is celebrated.

Some of us played a Dhol, drums, cymbals, contra bass bars and triangles. We learned how to play these instruments in music lessons with Ms. Shweta and Ms. Praveeta.

We talked about how Ganesha was related to the mouse, the symbolism of Ganesha’s parts and Ms Sunita and Ms Jyoti did the prayers (pooja), Aaryan sang the shloka and then we began to play the music.

The audience clapped for our performance. We Celebrated Diversity, Promoted our Learning and proved to be Responsible learners.


At the end of the performance we were in for a big surprise, you can read about that in Ms Helen’s “Celebrate Diversity” section this week.

-PYP 4