PYP 1 – Time for our first trip of the year

1Last Wednesday, the children of PYP 1 took their inquiry into the importance of vegetation, beyond the walls of their classroom through an enlightening trip to the Garware Farms. Accompanied by the class teachers and our enthusiastic parent volunteers, PYP 1 eagerly set off for its very first field trip of the year. On reaching the lush 20 acre farms, we were met by our  gracious hostess, Mrs. Garware, who had so meticulously planned the entire visit and who, accompanied by her farm manager Mr. Sardesai, led our expedition around the vast property.   The children were fascinated to observe how plants contributed towards the welfare of farm animals such as a cow and her calf and also a group of rescued emus. Quite amused with the idea, our inquirers asked several questions to understand how cow dung was actually used by people as insulation, fuel and fertilizers. They also watched a man using complex equipment, climb up a coconut tree to  procure coconuts and were  naturally delighted to sample some refreshingly  cool coconut water. Our students were also privy to the process of extracting sugarcane juice and were intrigued to discover that indeed, sugar is a product of sugarcane.

The abundance of vegetation and animal life at the farm provided our children with an excellent opportunity to make connections between what they were seeing and experiencing and what they had learned in class. From aubergines and lemons, to lady’s fingers and cinnamon, from cabbage patches and guava plants to sugarcane and corn plantations, the children had a first-hand experience of how different plants and vegetables grow in their natural habitat and the many uses that they are put to besides being a source of food for human beings. After a sumptuous breakfast, so thoughtfully provided by Mrs. Garware, the children wrote heartfelt messages of gratitude to convey to her their appreciation for both, the beautiful farm and the fabulous food.

All in all, our first graders had a truly memorable day on a real farm, surrounded by the best of nature; interacting , inquiring and exploring and doing what they do best – learning about the world through their very own experiences.

~ Ms. Karishma and Ms. Sangtei