Quaranteens: Food and Clothes drive

Due to the COVID-19 crisis many people lost their jobs and some of them struggle to meet their basic needs. This experience is about helping those people that are living in the streets. To do so, our group will be collecting clothes and distribute them to people in need.

My specific role in this project is to be the ‘public face’ of the project, or in other words manage the social media to raise awareness about our project and how we are helping people. This would push people to act to help their surrounding community by giving us some of their clothes that we will later distribute.

Through this experience, I improved on my ATL skills, mainly on communication. Indeed, in this project I am currently giving out information about what we are doing as well as convincing people to act and help us. To be more efficient at it, I had to work on and improve my communication skills.

The biggest challenge I faced was at the beginning: although I regularly use social media to interact with friends, I never really used them to raise awareness about a global issue and that makes a difference. Indeed, I had to take a totally different approach when handling the project social media accounts. At first, I struggled with it, but by using the Quarenteens’ account every week, I started to understand what was expected of me and I overcame this challenge.

So, this experience was new to me at first. To be able to achieve the task given to me I had to work on my different skills, the main ones being collaboration and communication. I feel like I have learnt a lot from it and this experience helped me grow as an individual.

Paul DP 2