P1’s Annual Expedition

“Get lost in nature and you will find yourself.”

On 15th January 2020, P1 learners and teachers accompanied by the friendly and efficient staff of Adventure Mantra boarded our school bus and made our way to Camp Water’s Edge in Kamshet. Camp Water’s Edge is an activity-centric resort on the banks of a lake, nestled in the beautiful mountains.

Our children enjoyed sharing and munching their favourite snack on the bus and after reaching the campsite, they helped themselves to a sumptuous breakfast which included, Nutella and butter sandwiches, fruits and juice, and chocolate muffins as well as some chips. The team from Adventure Mantra then initiated a session of fun and games such as “passing the hula hoop”, “Passing the ball”, which placed our approaches to learning (ATL’s) into a real-life context.  Some ATL’s covered were collaboration, communication, teamwork.

After playing games it was time for the most exciting part of the experiential learning day. It was time for the much-awaited zip-line and rock-climbing!  At the ziplining station, the courageous risk-takers of P1 were all set to go zipping down the ropes. They listened to the instructions, wore their harnesses and helmets, zipped down the rope and had a memorable experience which they will cherish for a long time. For the rock-climbing experience, they demonstrated open-mindedness and remarkable flexibility as they climbed up the wall. While most of our climbers reached the tough halfway mark, a few of our champs, in a show of great agility and courage, made it almost to the top!

Then we had lunch, followed by some fun games such as – “Where is my monkey”, followed by bouncing on the trampoline, swinging at the monkey-bars, laughing, chatting, playing and having a great time. Finally, we received a T-shirt and a cap as a souvenir from the Adventure Mantra team, and we bid farewell to Kamshet and headed towards the bus.

Extra stimulation in new environments was beneficial for our young learners to imbibe some important life skills and have a great learning experience.

After the trip, we had a quick reflection time where our learners made some interesting connections with the learner profile. 

“I was a risk-taker because I did the rock-climbing and I reached till the top” – Amaira

“I was a risk-taker because I made new friends” – Eunjoon

“I was balanced because I took care of myself.” -Ruhi

” I was an inquirer because I asked a lot of questions and I got so much information from the teachers and Adventure Mantra teachers” – Yuma

“I was caring and open-minded because I supported my friend to do ziplining” – Siyun

“I was a risk-taker because I did ziplining even when I was scared.” – Ishaan

Our learners bounced back to school with a mind full of learning and a heart full of memories and were delighted to be welcomed in the school by their parents. Our P1 learners are looking forward to many more such adventurous trips in the years to come.

-Ms. Shilpa & Ms. Sonia

Team P1