Reflections on the Middle School Sports Festival 2019

About two weeks ago, MBIS students travelled to Hyderabad to participate in the Middle School Sports Festival. This event brings together 80 students from four schools to compete for top honours in basketball and football. The International School of Hyderabad played host to this annual tournament with Stonehill International School and The British School Delhi also taking part in this two-day sports festival.

Day one – Girls football

The girls’ first game was against TBS who had some talented players; it was an encounter full of nerves and simple mistakes that ended in a defeat for MBIS. However, the girls were determined to remain confident and improve their performance in the next game. Tears were shed after their second loss of the day, realizing they had a good chance to hold Stonehill to a draw or even win the game. Despite the setbacks, the girls picked themselves up for the third game and played their best game of the tournament against the eventual winners, the ISH Vipers. The Eagles were fierce in attack and courageously defended their own goal. The game was 0-0 until the last five minutes when an ISH player scored a heart-breaking goal. The girls walked off the field with smiles knowing that on any other day, the outcome could be different.

Day two – Boys football

The boys started their day with a big win (5-2) against the ISH Vipers – sweet revenge for losing the previous day the deciding game to determine the boys’ final basketball standings. The Eagles next two games against Stonehill and TBS were tough encounters with MBIS suffering two consecutive losses on the pitch; injuries and fatigue, especially after an intense first day of basketball, played a big role in our team’s performance. But MBIS had enough points (goals scored) from their first game to finish in second place behind The British School Delhi.

Corrina Maurilli MYP3 (sportsmanship award recipient)

“Students from MYP 1-3 which were chosen to participate in this event travelled to Hyderabad to compete against other schools and to represent MBIS. We played three matches of both basketball and football. Each match we played allowed us to improve and work on our skills. I really enjoyed the experience because not only did I make new friends but I also had a lot of fun both in the matches and outside. “

Muhammad Ali MYP3 (sportsmanship award recipient)

“Considering this was going to be the last Middle school sports festival for me as I was in MYP 3, I will never forget the learning experiences gained throughout this journey working with my friends and students who I managed to gain a closer relationship to. During MSSF, I was extremely upset and emotional about the last results of both basketball and football but all the coaches that came with us to Hyderabad reminded me that’s it’s not about winning, it’s about the experiences gained which made me and the other students feel that we achieved a win as a team although the score from the last match doesn’t say so.”

Saniya Bhor MYP3 (sportsmanship award recipient)

“Some students from MYP1, 2 and 3 visited Hyderabad a week ago for the Middle School Sports Festival.  Though we stayed there for 2 nights, I can confidently say, now I can handle situations better than before.  Middle School helped me understand what matters more is the improvement you make and the mind-set you have before doing something. The Girls team, improved with each match they played, getting more matured and patient every match, we supported each other every minute. The team didn’t stop fighting till the last second of any match and showed great sportsmanship throughout.  Though we started our first match a little intimidated, we grew stronger, gained a lot of hope and mental strength, and we went on losing a much deserved win in the last second of our final match.  Some tears were shed but there was not a single team member who wasn’t proud of the journey. Overall it was a great learning experience teaching us that sometimes the journey is more beautiful than the destination.”

Mrs. Monica Scillieri (Filippo and Emma’s mom)

The trip was superb! All the boys and girls had an amazing time.

Every single game was fantastic to watch, and even afterwards, very powerful was the debrief to understand not only technical aspects but the real meaning of what you learn from every match, either if you win or lose! I was there and I would really suggest other parents to go next time. They are not small kids anymore; we are not there to hand out snacks or water (well sometimes yes, I have to admit it, they forget to drink). We are there for a smile during a difficult game or just to be there and cheer for them.

Of course I understand, this is not always possible but when it is, I really suggest this experience also to parents.”

Please find a video link with more photos from the festival.