The Treasures of Wada – MYP1 Field Trip

When the Eagles reached Wada after a long drive, they were amazed at the amount of greenery that could be seen all around. What a sight it was to see. Throughout the trip the Eagles had opportunities to learn about nature through birding trails and a visit to a local Gaushala. After the experience in Wada, the Eagles have learned about local art forms such as Warli art and background information about that art. A traditional Maharashtrian Warli artist came and talked about the ancient art form. The Eagles have also learned traditional local craft through various forms such as bamboo basket weaving and a visit to Mr. Nitin Borse’s house, a Warli craftsman to learn about how Mr. Borse can showcase local talent and revive the dying art forms through his craft. He makes handcrafted artworks and musical instruments like a Tarpa, the traditional instrument of the Warli. The Eagles competed in jungle cooking, and performed service as action at a local school, by teaching outdoor games or songs in English. Overall, every individual Eagle has had an experience which they can learn and gain from in this memorable trip.

Aditya Sood and Smit Bhor