Secondary Showcase – Historical Fiction

MYP 2 Students shared their creations with the school community on 11th January. These creations are a result of 6 weeks of brainstorming, discussions, research, planning, tracking, writing, feedback, and collaboration. This process involved two weeks of research about major historical events, literature based on these historical events, presenting the research which led to a sound understanding of conventions of historical fiction that provided a framework for writing a historical fiction story. With student agency at the core, students chose to work in pairs or individually, selected an event in history, co-constructed a planning and tracking document to provide them with a timeline during writing and transforming their stories. Ongoing self-assessment, peer and teacher feedback and collaboration was an integral element of the writing process. These stories were then transformed into a comic book, Minecraft game, digital comic, animation movie, a play, and stories. Students wished to share their creations with the school community, which was done in form of a showcase. During the showcase students not only shared their creations, but also offered insight into the writing process and research conducted. Students of MYP 2 emulated the IB learner profile and the school’s mission with utmost care and pride. This was indeed a wonderful journey into the past with a 21st century twist!