Student Council: Social Media Manager and assisting STUCO events

A CAS project is a way for students to engage in creative, physical, and community-based activities outside of their academic studies. My CAS project for the Diploma programme was being a leader and member of the Student Council 2021-2022. The year started with virtual meetings and then transitioned to face-to-face meetings and in-person collaboration. Being part of the Student council fosters a huge number of responsibilities, and several opportunities to interact with the student body and partake in many events and host them for the school. My focus was to improve communication between students, the Student Council, teachers and other staff, tackle real-world issues, and assist the committee to plan and hosting events.

As the social media manager for the student council, I was responsible for creating and managing social media accounts for the organization, as well as posting regular updates about events and other important information. With this, I was also responsible for assisting and managing the events hosted by the council for the students. I developed vital skills and attributes such as leadership, efficient decision-making, effective communication, creative and critical thinking and empathy. I managed the committee’s Instagram page and emails sent to the student body, due to which the council was extremely active in communicating and reaching out to the student body. I helped plan, major events hosted by STUCO, such as the Cancer awareness fundraiser, Ukraine civil War fundraiser, Pride awareness carnival, Spirit days, and special day activities (Easter hunt, Halloween contest). 

During my time as a social media manager and event assistant for the student council, I was able to develop and strengthen a diverse range of skills that have become my areas of expertise. Firstly, my communication skills significantly improved, as I was regularly interacting with other committee members and ensuring that all posts were organized and well-planned.

While I initially struggled with thinking creatively and tended to follow a set pattern, the experience taught me to plan posts strategically and effectively as a leader. I encountered some planning issues initially, but I developed planning skills by setting realistic due dates, adopting a practical approach, and comprehending the requirements. Throughout the experience, I collaborated with different communities, council members, and teachers to better understand my role, strengths, and tasks to be accomplished. As the student council plays a critical role in the community and provides students with a platform to voice their opinions on global issues, it is essential to work together and effectively communicate with all members of the council. Overall, my experience as a social media manager and event assistant for the student council provided me with a valuable opportunity to develop a diverse range of skills and collaborate with different members of the community.

The significance of this project to me personally is rooted in the fact that I was able to successfully complete it from beginning to end. Although I encountered difficulties during the process, I remained persistent and with the guidance and support of my teachers, particularly Ms Jodi, I was able to overcome these obstacles. The skills and knowledge I acquired through this experience are invaluable, but more importantly, it demonstrates my unwavering determination and resilience. I am proud to have made a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of my community, and I sincerely hope that this program will continue in our school.