Student Support Services – nurturing the academic, personal and social growth of your child.

The MBIS  community as a whole is a diverse and an inclusive community.  It is a part of our school mission and vision to educate the whole child  and develop physically, socially and emotionally aware students and independent thinkers

The Student Support Services comprises a collaborative team of Counselors, Learning Support teachers and Educational Psychologists who foster the development of academic, behavioural and social-emotional well being of our students. As a team we work closely with the staff and community to provide a supportive learning environment, emotional well being and positive social skills.

We have professionally trained counselors for each section on the campus, who aim to provide a safe and a confidential environment for students to receive Counseling both short term and long term  in a group  or in a 1 on 1 setting. A comprehensive counseling program has been developed keeping in mind the  International School Counseling Program  as it  provides guidance for a range of  students to develop their academic, career, transitions, and personal/social self so that they can achieve success in school and are prepared to lead a fulfilling life as a responsible member of the society. The program is systematically included in the curriculum, considering the developmental age of the students and is delivered by the counselors in collaboration with the core team through the core curriculum  in the classrooms.

The  Learning Support department  works very closely with the teaching community, administrators and families to facilitate a positive academic experience for all students from K-12. We   follow a  multi-tier support structure, as this helps us to cater to the needs of every student.

We understand that some students might face academic challenges and may require extra support in some areas, as a team we strive to support these students so that they have a positive opportunity to develop a love for learning. Strategies are developed in collaboration with the general educators and specific accommodations are provided when required. We place an emphasis on data based decision making, therefore the  team conducts both formal and informal evaluation at school to develop  individual education plans  and guides students to achieve the identified goals. As Psychologists we are trained to teach Prosocial and adaptive behaviors which predicts students success and helps students to do their best. All of this can be done by Positive reinforcement, Goal setting, Modeling and Role playing desired behaviors.

As a department we have an open door policy and are always ready to meet with students and parents in case of a crisis or tragedy  at home or at school.  We  liaise with professionals out in the community to support our families example- child development pediatricians, therapists and psychiatrists.

As a team our aim is that our students experience success and build confidence and self belief, be aware of what is going on around them and be motivated to reach the goals that they set for themselves.

The following 3 pillars are extremely important for any student to be successful.

  • Having reasonable and positive expectations of our children helps them thrive.
  • Student self esteem is a central component to success
  • The school and family relationship is harmonious and collaborative.

Harjyot Malhotra

HOD Student support services