Swirls of Colour

Swirls of Colour

As you walk around campus here at MBIS you will very quickly realize the benefits of having such a close community complete with PS, PYP, MYP, and DP. The arts classes reap the benefits of having advanced level students with increased skill and technique within eye sight. Often Our DP1 and DP2 students help to inspire and influence the work of the MYP. The work above represents that of our current DP1 students.

Shreya Joshi’s; Clouds over Evergreen

The MYP4 students have just finished a unit focused on colour and the artist’s control over movement within a composition. To increase their ability to effectively use colour as a tool to achieve movement, students were expected to record the process and feedback gathered from critique. Every student has a unique approach towards documentation and the results have been amazing to watch as their work progressed.

Exploration of colour theory and Leonora Carrington’s work helped Shreya Joshi compose Clouds over Evergreen Mountain tops.

In this landscape painting, Shreya Joshi worked very hard to develop

her skill at depicting a representation of the sky as she envisioned it. Her sketchbook almost becomes the work of art as she works towards resolution of ideas with her delicate tinting and shading. You can see where she worked with different textures and experimented using various techniques.

Her end result included the use of collage and acrylic paint as she placed newspaper directly onto a white gessoed square canvas.  The piece measures twelve inches by twelve inches and is complete with mountains and dark green pines that disappear in the shadows of the heavy altocumulous clouds that hang overhead.








If you see Shreya on campus ask her for her insight concerning movement and painting clouds.



By Joseph Coburn