The PYP 5 Exhibition Taking Action – Sensory Play

As part of our action for the Exhibition, Soumya and I are conducting lessons in classes PS1, PS2, PS3, PYP 1 and PYP 2.

We went to each class with a sense to make them work with-


  • PS 1 and 2: Adventure Ride which tested their Sense of Balance and Movement (The vestibular Sense), Fine and Gross Motor Skills as well as the other senses such as Body Position ( The Proprioceptive Sense).
  • PS3: Pebble hunt and the emoji song Challenge. We were targeting the two most Senses that stood out namely – Visual and Auditory.
  • PYP1: Guess What I am Challenge. The Students were blindfolded and asked to feel the different objects placed inside a cardboard box. This helped them to feel the texture and guess the object.
  • PYP 2: What Do I Smell like This was targeting the obvious Sense- The sense of Smell (Olfactory).Some students took the help of the sense of tasting (Gustatory) and of hearing (Auditory) since they had to also shake the containers to try and guess what was inside based on the sound it made. We observed that the sense of smell and sense of taste works together and brings back memories.

After every activity, we gave every class a reflection sheet so they can note down some of the things that they liked and disliked. We had taken feedback from the students such as how did the music make them feel, which was their favourite smell, what they enjoyed most, what was visually appealing to them, how the different textures felt. Most of the students were risk takers and open minded to try the different activities, even though they were not initially comfortable.

As for the younger classes, we just asked them or noted down their responses by the expressions on their faces and body language. They were different highlights of each activity. For me, personally I thought the best was the ‘smell and touch challenge’ since both of them were like mysteries to the children. This was all done on Thursday and Friday 26th and 27th April 2018 and we would like to thank all the teachers who supported us by giving their lesson time to conduct these sessions. We personally thought that it was stressful but it was worthwhile. At the end the sessions we shared our feedback and observations with the school counselor Ms Shambhavi who helped us analyse the data which has helped to deepen our inquiry. Overall it was a wonderful experience to work with all the students from PS1 to PYP2 . A big thank you to all of you.

Vrinda Vashisht and Soumya Jinaga