Time for a biology lesson in PYP 3 !

On Thursday 24th November the PYP3 class had a very special guest speaker “Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj” our DP Coordinator. As part of the ‘tuning in’ for our current Unit of Inquiry “Who We Are”, Ms. Anjali introduced the different body systems to our class of enthusiastic learners.

It was an interactive session, as the student’s prior knowledge of different organs and their functions were formatively assessed , consolidated and extended even further.

They began to  learn how their organs work together, as a system, to carry out a specific function. The students got an insight into the different body systems such as; The Nervous system, The Digestive system, The Respiratory system, The Circulatory system and The Skeletal system.

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A small game was played at the end of the lesson. Each student was handed over a flash card with an organ written on it and the students had to group themselves by identifying and locating other organs that form the respective body system and stand in a sequential order to show the process the system follows. The groups / systems were then asked to state in one sentence their understanding of the system they were part of. The activity ended by the groups being asked to find a connection with another system. Thus resulted everyone realised that all the systems are interconnected to form one big unit called the Human Body.  The class thoroughly enjoyed themselves with Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj and took away a lot of knowledge and understanding which has formed a strong base, that they will continue to build on during the course of this unit. We had some interesting comments during the lesson such as “The Brain is the head all the systems in the body. That’s like Ms Eileen, she heads our school!” and “Our feelings are found inside our heart, aren’t they?”