TOK and CAS Orientation for Parents

TOK and CAS Orientation for Parents

The week of 3rd October 2017, began with an Orientation for the parents of the DP1 students. This was to help them get a little insight into the Theory of Knowledge and into Creativity, Activity and Service, which are at the core of the Diploma Programme.

About 20 parents attended the Orientations, which were led by Mr. Chris McDonald and Mr. Peter Clinton, for TOK and Mr. Tim Getter for CAS. There was a typical TOK teaser lesson for the parents- ‘The Map is not the territory.’

Mr. Getter, in the CAS session, discussed the importance of experiential learning and its relevance in holistic learning.

Our endeavor to empower the parents, with the ways and areas of knowing and also with the experiential learning in DP, was well supported by the parents.

Anjali Bhardwaj