Swim Gala

Last week was a busy one on the sports front with our Primary and Secondary schools having their annual Swim Galas and the ISACI Swim team heading to The American School of Bombay to compete in a lead up meet for this week’s ISACI tournament.

Primary Swim Gala

The Primary Swim Gala saw all students swimming in multiple events. Each student had to do a freestyle and backstroke race and sign up for at least one of the fun events. Events were arranged so that all swimmers, regardless of their level were able to take part safely. The house captains had added responsibilities in organising students and making sure they were there in time for races. This a great leadership opportunity for them and they stepped up well to take the lead.

Bonus points were awarded throughout the morning for house cheering and house spirit and in the end only 15 points separated all 4 teams.

Congratulations to all swimmers and well done to our House Swim Gala Champions: Prithvi.

1st Prithvi

2nd Vayu

Equal 3rd Jal & Agni

Secondary Swim Gala

Thank you to those secondary students who made the effort to participate in Swim Gala last week. These days are more fun and a viable option when all students take part. To have so many students missing is not only disappointing to see but makes the whole day more difficult for those that are choosing to participate as they are being let down by their friends and peers.

Thank you to the students who swam extra races in multiple age groups and to the teachers who stepped in to fill spots of those absent. Swim gala was a full day activity with all students swimming freestyle and backstroke and then taking part in fun races. As with the primary event, races are organised so that all students, regardless of swimming ability, can participate and score points. The pool buoy relay and noodle race provided many laughs with the combined grade level house relay being a highlight of the day.

At the end of the day Prithvi showed great depth in their swimmers and came away House Champions.

1st Prithvi

2nd Jal

3rd Agni

4th Vayu

ISACI swimming

The ISACI swim team went to The American School of Bombay on Saturday 22nd April  to compete in a 3 way competition prior to this week’s ISACI tournament. The opportunity to swim in a 25m pool with official starting blocks was welcomed by all swimmers, with most setting personal best times in multiple events. We are sending 5 of 6 teams with no swimmer above MYP 5. We wish them good luck in Bangalore and look forward to seeing their results.

Secondary ECA’s

Secondary ECA’s are running as normal. All ISACI sports are at one night a week. Saturday practices for ISACI resume in August. There will be no 5pm busses on Thursdays as of now. Thursday swimming is cancelled this week and will resume NEXT Thursday  May 4th.