Virtual International Carnival

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As an individual with a broad range of interests, I enjoy learning in an environment that pushes me to explore possibilities and challenge the limits with room for personal growth. When I was presented with the opportunity to orchestrate the Virtual International Carnival 2020-21, I was beyond thrilled to be a part of this project aimed at celebrating diversity and learning about various cultures. This experience opened several doors for me to build new skills and after a deep exploration into the rich history of different nations, I knew that I would delight in sharing this knowledge with others through this initiative.

The aim of this project was to bring people together over their shared humanity and learn about cultures from around the world. This involved creating an engaging platform to conduct the event which proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience as I had no prior experience with coordinating a virtual event of this scale. While I have always enjoyed experimenting with technology, the task of managing a website itself appeared complicated. This involved a great deal of planning and risk-taking as this was a new experience for all of us.

This opportunity gave me a chance to advocate the importance of cultural diversity and encourage other people both within and outside the MIS community to learn more about each other. Additionally, it provided me with an opportunity to gain new knowledge on cultural interpretations of identity and global perspectives by identifying connections between distinct countries that were seemingly unrelated. Collaborating with and learning from everyone who guided me in this experience has helped me explore myself and at the same time understand, respect, and celebrate learning with others.

I have learned several important skills through this experience. From coordinating virtual events to celebrating various cultures, it has been a source of both satisfaction and adventure. Overall, I believe this was a uniquely challenging opportunity which gave me a chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals and ultimately make the Virtual International Carnival experience richer for all.

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