‘Who We Are’, PYP 3 chose to inquire into the school’s and IB’s mission.

Learners worked in groups to discuss and enumerate the factors that are connected to the Three Pillars of MBIS:‘Promote Learning’, ‘Encourage Responsibility’, and ‘Celebrate Diversity’.

The ideas were enhanced further when each group scanned through the other group’s ideas, and added what they thought would enrich the brainstorming document further. It was great to see pertinent and essential ideas surface through the brainstorming session. The ideas reflected how we are upholding the three pillars of MBIS and what actions strengthen these three pillars.


Thereafter, students were asked to identify connections between the thoughts and ideas related to the MBIS mission statement, the IB mission statement (Learner Profile Attributes) and the Essential Agreements of PYP 3. With the help of different colours, students analysed and drew connections between the three. These connections highlighted how the essential agreements of PYP 3 were clearly aligned with the Mission statement of MBIS and the IB. Learners made several observations related to how the connections show that the values that drive the IB and MBIS towards their goals, also reflect in the values and beliefs of PYP 3. The activity was summed up when students wrote down one value/belief that surfaced prominently in this analysis, and a value that we can all work on and improve as a school community.

Through this learning experience, learners stayed true to the Vision of MBIS. They showcased agility by working collaboratively, as also contributing actively and positively to the learning experience. Innovation was brought in through the patterns and connections that were identified across the three Missions. Furthermore, the class acquired a sense of empowerment, as they were independent inquirers, thinkers and collaborators, unravelling their personal thinking process.

Driven by the central idea of the unit, PYP 3 were successful at delving deeper into the purpose of the unit – to focus on how our beliefs and values shape who we are, as an individual and as a community of learners.

Student Reflections:

Hridaan Ajinkya Firodia- “Kotaro, Naisha, Daniel and I identified patterns from the creative IB mission, the 3 MBIS School Missions and our Essential Agreements. Naisha wrote because she was neat. Daniel and I wrote some of it. We did it by drawing stars on the 3 papers and we joined them with curvy lines. I used thinking skills by thinking which one goes where. I used co-operating skills by taking turns.”

Mischa Sauls – “I was a thinker in this process with my friends and we were inquirers because I got ideas from my friends which helped me to make good connections and decisions.”

Maya Shah – “I learned that there are many similarities between the IB Mission, The School Mission and our PYP 3 Mission. I know this because we connected lines to the ones that mean the same thing. We were using creativity as we had to think of how we would show the similarities and the differences. We were collaborating as we decided two of us would line up the IB mission to the school mission and two of us would line up the IB mission to the class mission. We were thinkers because had to think about where the lines would connect correctly and why! I felt like a detective because we had to make connections and it felt like a mission!”

Michelle Roxburgh / Nidhi Bhasin