PYP 1: Our Annual Adventure

Every year, the children of PYP 1 set off with their teachers and our trusty support staff for an exciting and a much-awaited adventure to a picturesque location, for a day of fun and bonhomie. After the winter holidays this year, the children were very eager to seize this exciting day and embarked upon their adventure, brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Accompanied by the friendly and efficient staff of Adventure Mantra, we boarded our school bus and made our way to the beautiful Camp Water’s Edge in Kamshet. Reaching just in time for snack, the children helped themselves to a lavish breakfast which included, among other things, Nutella and cheese sandwiches, fruits and juice, and chocolate muffins as well as some chips. The team from Adventure Mantra then initiated a session of fun and games, which carried on through the day, all aimed at strengthening social bonds, having a good time and engaging the children in good old-fashioned play.  

Then it was time for the much-awaited zip-Line and rock-climbing! While one class went for zip-lining, the other went for rock-climbing.

At the ziplining station, the courageous risk-takers of PYP 1 were all set and raring to go zipping down the ropes. They listened attentively to the instructions, wore their harnesses and helmets, did as they were told and had the time of their lives!

Whereas for rock-climbing, they demonstrated open-mindedness and remarkable flexibility as they clambered up the wall. While most of our climbers reached the formidable halfway mark, a few of our champs, in a show of great agility and courage, made it almost to the top!

Worn out by the cheering and all the excitement, our children were soon ready for their second meal of the day. After a relaxed, leisurely lunch it was time to expel some more energy with some more fun team games called ‘Dragon Tail’, ‘Dog and the Bone’, and ‘Pass the Hula Hoop’. For the remainder of our time at the camp, the children hung out at the Jungle Gym, bouncing on the trampoline and swinging at the monkey-bars, laughing and chatting and doing what they do best – playing and having a great time. And then, all too soon, it was time to head back to school. With a final picture that captured this thrilling day, beaming faces and all, we bid farewell to  Kamshet and to an adventure that was perfect in every way, content in our knowledge that there shall be many more such adventures in the years to come.

~ Team PYP1