Whole School Inter-House Fitness Challenge

Last week Friday, we concluded with our inter-house fitness challenge. One of the aims of this event is to encourage responsibility, which is part of our school mission. Taking care of our physical health is a lifelong responsibility. It is also one of the learning goals that we, as physical education teachers, want our students to apply in their daily lives.

As you may remember, the PHE/PE department sent an invitation to participate to students, teachers, and school parents. The MIS community responded well, and we received almost 100 video submissions in total from students, parents, and teachers demonstrating their level of fitness. All the participants were true risk-takers in their efforts to complete some or all of the fitness exercises to score points for their respective house teams.

Here are the final results for the whole school fitness challenge:

Final Placing (whole school)

  1. Agni (अग्नि, Fire)
  2. Jal (जल, Water)
  3. Vayu (वायु, Air)
  4. Prithvi (पृथ्वी, Earth)

We want to thank all the students, teachers, and school parents who took part in the different activities and encourage the rest of our community to consider taking part in our next challenge early next year.

Fernando Beukes

PE Department