PYP X Blog Posts – Part 1

Naturastics – Andrey, Keshvi, Sophie, Charlie

The Exhibition Journey

By Charlie

The Exhibition is when groups of learners work together to create amazing presentations. In the Exhibition, we used our Chromebook, black folders to store our learning and more. We worked on reflections and research which helped us understand the main idea. The research helped us answer our questions, thinking, and how we think. Reflection helped us remember what we have done in these nine weeks and tells me how much we have improved through the Exhibition.

My group had Andrey, Keshvi, Charlie, and Sophie. My topic was celebrating biodiversity. To make sure all the groups are prepared for the Exhibition, we had decided to create something called ‘note-cards’. These notecards helped us out during the presentation to make sure we do not forget our research and information points. We practiced for one or two weeks in the classroom to prepare for the main day! The Opening Ceremony and The Exhibition were on Wednesday. On Thursday, we created a condensed version for the younger years.

During the Exhibition I felt nervous and irritated. Although I was excited. It was fine because I was confident and sure I would do great. It was amazing and so much fun, and I had so many opportunities to share my work.

In the end, I was brave enough to do it again multiple times.

Some advice I would give you before the Exhibition is to practice daily because it is necessary if you want to improve your presentation skills. The Exhibition can get tricky if you are not speaking with confidence, that is why you should practice a lot. You should also make sure you are not getting distracted and manage your time effectively because you only have nine weeks to get ready. Something that also helped me was to stay calm and be mindful.

Please remember that in the Exhibition, sometimes we must work in groups we are not comfortable with. Other times we do not get the topic we have chosen as our first option. Overall, the Exhibition helps us reflect on our learning and how much we have improved! We should be proud of ourselves for all that we do in the Exhibition.

My PYPX Adventure!

By Keshvi

PYP X is a place where you must research and work in a group to make a Presentation.

Let’s begin – The opening ceremony was where all the teams explained their team members and the group name! My group was the Naturastics. The PYP X was on the 17/5/2023 & 18/5/2023. At the opening ceremony, everyone talked about their Line of Inquiry and related concept. We also talked about our group name. We played the ‘Cups’ song to all our parents and sang along with it. The first thing we did was we sat with our groups and waited to say everything we had to say.

On Wednesday, the most important thing was the PowerPoint Presentation with our group. This presentation took place in the Hindi classroom, where we set everything up. We all talked about our line of inquiry and what we researched about! We also showed all our posters in our presentation.

On Thursday, we had to present again, but we presented in a shorter way. We showed our LOI, Action, posters, related concept rocks, the Bloom’s Taxonomy ball, and our Exhibition folders. This day was a little harder than Wednesday because we had to handle the little kids and try to not make them feel bored.

This was an amazing PYP X, and all my friends and my group did an excellent job. We had a pizza party on Friday. We really enjoyed ourselves and made an enormous improvement towards our communication skills and our social skills.

We also had fights along the way, but the best part was that we completed the Exhibition. At the beginning it looked like it was hard, and I did not know what to do but, in the end, I just wanted to stay in that moment!

The Exhibition

by Sophie

The Exhibition is a group presentation, which we presented on May 17 and 18. We took 9 weeks to work on the Exhibition. There are two parts to the presentation: research and action. Research is a group PowerPoint where we present our topics, line of inquiry and details on them. The action is a thing, for example a prototype or a video on our subject. This can be used to raise awareness about our subject. We present everything with our group in front of the whole school, the parents and also learners from another IB school. I am in the Naturastics group which talks about biodiversity, my line of inquiry and the human impact on biodiversity (pollution of the earth, water and air). For my action, I made a Scratch program to spread awareness.

On Wednesday morning, we all wore our T-shirts designed by us and our badges with the logo of the Exhibition. The opening ceremony was on the basketball court. Baptiste and Amyra played the piano, while all the parents settled in. We introduced ourselves according to our groups, and we also showed the introductory video to the audience. Ms. Carla gave a short speech, and we sang along to the ukulele and goblet tom-tom (that’s what I decided to call it). I was in the ukulele group, and I did really well.

Then, we went to our respective venues (my group was in Hindi with the Spolympics) and got ready to greet people. Each presentation lasted half an hour and we were behind the Spolympics, in other words we had to wait a long time to finally have the floor. I presented really well, a lot of people laughed when they saw Andrey’s Scratch program and my mother congratulated me afterwards! We had to do this a second time after recess, and the Exhibition Presentations were done for the day.

On Thursday, younger classes like EY 1, 2 and 3 and P1, 2 and 3 visited us. We showed them our posters, our actions and our pebbles that we drew our related concept on. In addition to that, classes from the INDUS School came to see us. I feel our presentation was good enough.

I really liked the Exhibition because it taught me to collaborate, to present and to speak in public. I learned a lot about biodiversity and pollution. I think we made a great group Andrey, Keshvi, Charlie and me. I was very happy when everyone congratulated us on our hard work.

It was quite complicated, long and there were hard knocks, but we got there!

My Experience in the Informed 2023 PYPX

By Andrey

My name is Andrey Pavlov, and this is my perspective of the PYP Exhibition showcase.

From Week 1 all the way to Week 9, me and my team were working on research, creating slides and putting together an Action. The Naturastics crew consisted of me, Keshvi D, Charlie M and Sophie H. I think that my team and I had an exciting time doing all the activities. Let me tell you what happened.

In total, we roughly had around ten days to do all the research needed to work on our group slides. For me, I made a scratch program video explaining what C02 can do to trees. It took me two days to create the code with no mistakes and to record all the sounds I wanted to use in the video, some of which were a little cringe. Everyone made sure to cite all the websites that we used for our research, for instance – National Geographic and BBC Bitesize. We would also occasionally add some of our sources to a Padlet that Ms. Anne gave us to store our websites. Some of the hard challenges me and my group faced were having small fights and for me, it was probably the scratch program. All the groups had problems with making the slides since we didn’t know that the undo button had the power to delete some slides!

The first big day began- Our PYP Exhibition ceremony started and the whole of P5 had their own customized t-shirt with our Group logos. As we all took a seat in the Basketball court, the court was also filling up with parents and other students. Behind the seats was a projector board showing different captured pictures of us students working on the Exhibition. We all waited for quite some time, but luckily two of the P5 students got to play the piano as people came in. Finally, two other P5 students who were the MCs of the show began to open the show to the parents. Once they stopped, four out of the eight groups introduced themselves to everyone and once they were done, Ms. Carla came on stage to give a speech.

Before the ceremony ended, us P5s had actually been practicing a song to show to the parents which was called ‘Cups’ and we had singers, ukelele players and people playing the cups. All the group ran off to their assigned rooms. 5-10 minutes later, all the parents, MYP1 and P4 learners all came into our rooms and started taking a seat. Once we were comfortable with the amount of people in the room, Spolympics (who were in the same room as us) started to talk. Around 25 minutes passed by, and we were next. As Naturastics and Spolympics changed places, I looked at all the parents and students and took a breath. All I had to do was say who the members of the team were and then explain what Biodiversity is and after I just had to wait for my turn. After Keshvi’s, Charlie’s and Sophie’s chapters, it was my go. I explained my research questions and finally went into my facts, data and research. Once that was all done, I showed my action, and I was done! Or that’s what I thought. I had to do everything again! Which wasn’t bad until I realized that so many MYP 1s came into our room to watch, which included 3 of my close friends.

The last big stretch of the Exhibition presentation was in progress on Thursday, and this time it was much different though. Instead of using the slides, we had to present our actions. This day we had EY2-P3 learners as the audience and on top of that, we had Indus P4 students come in and watch us too. I found it easy presenting to P2 and P3 students, but the younger kids couldn’t understand most things, and I felt awkward talking to them and I liked their cute reactions to my scratch video.

As the Indus school came into our rooms, I tried to keep a smile on my face, but I didn’t expect some of them to be very serious and others to be quite enthusiastic. I also enjoyed some of their questions since it was easy to answer them. I

As for my conclusion and ending thoughts, I think I presented well, and I somewhat liked it. I think everyone can agree that it didn’t even take long to do the whole Exhibition and it felt like time flew by.

Before I end this post, I would love to say a huge thanks to my group first: Sophie, Keshvi and Charlie. The biggest thanks will be given to Ms. Anne, Ms. Nidhi, Ms. Swati and lastly Ms. Chirashri who are all the teachers that helped P5. The experts that we met also join this ‘thank you’ group.

Thank you for reading!

Spolympics – Lina, Koki, Jaynah, Vandan

The Wonderful Journey of PYP

By Lina

Have you ever dreamed of a wonderful and exciting day at school? Well for 42 days (about 1 and a half months) of learning and fun, we, the P5 learners, had exactly that! We all did our best on research, presentation, and planning. Those 9 weeks of Exhibition changed my perspective of the PYP and even MYP! Thanks to my group, the SPOLYMPICS, for their help and hard work. I never thought it would have been as wonderful as this…


To be all set for this Exhibition we started with some tasks that would develop our skills. This has been a particularly important part of the Exhibition. It was a fun way to learn new skills! We started with the colouring challenge, where we had to color with our partner using only one crayon. Choosing a partner, you have never worked with was a ginormous challenge!! We also did the chain challenge, this time not with a pair but a trio!!! Making paper chains is easy but making the longest in 15 minutes using 1 paper, 2 glue sticks and a scissor is harder!


When I got to meet my group, I was a bit disappointed. I was not incredibly happy with my topic, but after some time I was ok with it. The first meeting was a bit hard, no one listened very well, and we were all acting crazy… Anyway, the group I got was ok, even though I did not like it so much.


Starting research was the hard part, where we used Cornell and STAR notes. We tried using plenty of sources like EPIC, Kiddle, Pebble Go and more. To research, we had a brief period, about a week and a half! I was scared I could not finish in time, but in fact I had a lot of time… Finalizing the research was easy because I had 6 Cornell and 1 STAR (I preferred Cornell, it was more organized).


Making the slides was hard too. It was confusing and we all edited the same slides at the same time which deleted some slides. For example, one of my slides got deleted, I am so happy that it was the slide my teacher placed on the website! If it were not on the website, I would have to start again!!


I was so stressed when it was the day to present! When I arrived at school, I wore my T-shirt and my button. After the opening ceremony (Cup Song) we all presented to our parents on Thursday. The next day, we presented to kids in our school which are all small kids (EY and PYP). We also presented it to Indus school and showed them everything.


Pizza Party!! Imagine a day at school with pizzas, cupcakes and drinks… Drooling? This was a fun day where we had all of these. What a fun day! Wait, why did we celebrate? Well, during those nine weeks, we worked hard, and we needed something to make us relax.

Anyway, again, this was an interesting and fun journey!!!

PYP X Blog Post

By Koki

Before we presented the Exhibition to the MIS community, we the Spolympics, Lina, Jaynah, Vandan and I, gathered in the basketball court for the opening ceremony. We spoke to the audience about our name, line of inquiry, and our related concept. We presented in the Hindi classroom on 17th and the 18th of May.

There were 8 groups that presented their work in 4 different rooms with different topics as well.

Next, we went to the Hindi classroom and waited for our audience. When the audience and our parents came, we started presenting. We presented all of our slides and everything Exhibition was over for Wednesday. On Thursday, it was the day when we will present to the little kids and the students from the Indus school. First, we presented to the little kids our LOI and Action.

When the Indus kids arrived at our school, we started presenting our work to them. We introduced our name, LOI, and we showed them our action. After that more groups from Indus came into the room and we presented it again and again. Finally, it was time for everybody in Indus to leave and the Exhibition was completely over.

After the Exhibition was over, we had a pizza party. We did fun things on Friday such as playing UNO, watching a movie and other things as well. We also got to eat cupcakes and we watched a movie about our planet. We were relaxing in the afternoon, and we had so much fun.

All of this was a lot of fun and we reflected after the Exhibition to express what we did as well.

The Adventurous PYP-X

By Jaynah

Hello everyone! Have you ever heard of two amazing P5 pianists? Well, in the PYPX 2 pianists played the piano during the opening ceremony. It was lovely.

We also gave our wonderful teachers some plants to thank them for helping us with everything. They also organized this Exhibition for us.

After all the parents walked in, we introduced ourselves. We said our groups’ names, our names, our lines of inquiry, our related concepts and where to meet us. After we finished introducing ourselves, we played a song called ‘The Cup song’. We all sang, some of us played the ukulele, and others played with cups. After our performance, we were dismissed to go to our rooms. After we settled down parents and students from different classrooms also came to see us. We started presenting.

In the same room as us, there was another group. After they presented, we had a break. We had to eat outside our classroom. We walked a bit on the field and once our break was over, I remembered we had to present in front of more people. Once we finished presenting our first day of presenting was over.

Now, the second day of the Exhibition was scarier than Wednesday because a new school was coming to look at our presentations! First, we presented in front of EY1- P3 students. We freshened up a bit after that, and we went back to our rooms to wait for our visitors from Indus school.

Once the Indus students came, we started presenting to them. I was not that nervous to present to the school because I knew some people. Once it was all done, I felt good. I also felt relaxed and now we don’t need to stress about it anymore.

Everything went by so fast. I will always remember my PYPX. I will also give other tips, so they are not as scared as I am.

That is the end of my adventure!

PYP X Journey

By Vandan

Hello everybody, my name is Vandan. I will be talking to you about my journey throughout the Exhibition. It was a fun time for work and an exciting era of presenting. We collaborated, inquired, raised, and researched our chosen topic. My chosen topic was fostering agility. I loved getting to know my group and communicating with my peers along with deciding and voting on many things.

I started my Exhibition by choosing three topics for research. At first, I wanted to research space exploration. Since that was not an option in the final choices, I went with exercise. I was soon paired with people who had similar interests. We all first brainstormed what fitness means to us. Then we read books and used an informed perspective of what fitness means. After that, we all focused on topics like our central idea, key concepts, and lines of inquiry. After a while, we made notes and multiple ways to list our learnings during our research. We all researched our line of inquiry. My inquiry was ‘Interconnectedness of physical and mental health.’ After that, we all filled in the group slides together and talked about the UN-SDGs, key concepts, ATL, and much more. Next, came filling in our own slides where we displayed our research, data, action and much more. Finally, we all presented as a group together on Wednesday and Thursday.

Even though the Exhibition carried multiple arguments and problems, we got to learn much more about our chosen topic, more about our friends, and more about ourselves. We may have had difficulties in presenting, researching, and communicating with our team, but it was all worth it when our hard work finally came together. We had many problems in multiple ways, but it turns out that problems are solutions waiting to happen. We had fights quite often and it was normal to come to our group and find an argument, but when we got to know each other, it was not that bad.

Thank you for the new experience, teachers, and thank you for the fun time at SPOLYMPICS.

Thank You!!!

Techno Team – Oliver, Darrel, Wyded

PYP-X: Research to Presentation

By Olly

Hello, my name is Olly, and I will be telling you all about the process of the PYP-Exhibition from research to presentation. The PYP-Exhibition is a project that consists of eight groups with talented group members that work together to make the most creative and informative presentation possible to learn more and wow the audience.

Research is gathered to learn more about my Exhibition topic. We use a variety of different reliable and safe sources like Pebble Go, Kiddle, Ducksters and Epic. Whenever we research, we cite our sources with MyBib to ensure that we do not commit plagiarism. We use a test called the CRAAP test that ensures that the source we are using is reliable and age appropriate.

After you finish your research, you and your group must set up a PowerPoint presentation expressing your research and work throughout the nine weeks of the Exhibition. First, you and your group must create introductory slides to the Exhibition that include the group’s central idea and table of contents. After this, each student must create a set of research slides they have researched about. Every member of the group must research a different aspect of the main topic that they are talking about. Every student must create an action where they show their learning through innovation. For example, for your action, you could create a prototype for a website or create a solution for a worldwide problem. Your action must always be connected to your research that you have conducted.

After you finish making final changes to your slides you can start making notecards. Notecards are used to remember what you have written on your slides without looking backwards and making your presentation look very unprofessional. You make notecards for every slide of your presentation. On the notecards you write down a summary of all the information on that slide. You should start thinking of how you are going to present. You should create posters to show the steps that you took and give valuable information about your presentation.

The PYP-Exhibition is a way to show the learners hard work and skill when gathering information and all the challenging work that the students are capable of. It shows what the learners have learned, their capabilities and how they work in a group. It shows how the students can gather information with expertise.

PYPX Wild Adventure

By Darrel

PYP X is where a group of people work together on a specific topic.

Me, Olly and Wyded worked in a group for the Exhibition. Our journey started in March, and we presented in May. It was in our school. It was a good a tough experience. Although we sometimes had disagreements, we presented and worked well together.

We had to choose three topics that we wanted our Exhibition to be about. I chose sports, technology and cooking. We did our PYP X Vision Board. It had to be about the three words we chose. We had to cut out pictures and stuck them on a piece of paper. We also had to make a slogan. We had to draw different things for the Exhibition.

I was placed in a group with Olly and Wyded and our topic was technology. For our research we had different LOI’s (Line of Inquiry). Olly worked on Technological Hardware. I worked on The Evolution of Technology. Wyded worked The Impact of technology.

We used books and websites to conduct our research. After the research we worked on our slides. We had a lot of pages. We all added our information and our data. We also added our citation.

On 17th of May we had an opening ceremony. Baptiste and Amyra were playing the piano. The parents were there. We had to say our group name, our LOI (Line of Inquiry) and our Related concept.

On Wednesday, 17th of May we presented to the parents and the P4 students. It went very well. On 18th of May we presented to the Indus P4. It did not go as well as it did on the 17th. On Friday we had a Pizza party. I had Pepperoni Pizza. I also had a Cupcake. It was very good.

The Exhibition was exciting, fun and tough. Even though we did not agree on some things we still did well.

Our Crazy Exhibition!

By Wyded

Have you ever heard about a group of children presenting what they learned on a specific subject that they chose in front of almost 100 people on two days and in front of another school. Well, that’s our story and it’s a bit crazy.

Wednesday was the final day. At the moment when I came to school, I had to put my exhibition T-shirt on, and I had to join my group in the P5 Classroom with all the other groups. Then we all went downstairs to go to the basketball court where the completion ceremony was and there was Amayra Agarwal who was playing piano and the song was Titanic. Then we had Baptiste Heinry who was also playing piano and the song was The Spider Dance.

So, on the first day of the exhibition just during the completion ceremony we looked at the video that present our groups and what is exhibition…                                                                                                               

After each groups stand and all said at the same time “Hello everyone we are the………..” after each one said “Hello my name………, my line of inquiry is……….. and my related concept is………” and after all at the same time we said: “Visit us in the………………room”. Then Miss Carla made a speech and after we all went into our rooms for the presentation and waited for parents and teachers to come and start the presentation. So, we started the presentation and after we had our break and after we again did the presentation and then we it was the break again, so we played and after we ate and then we went into the classroom and the teachers congratulated us. After we did our work so pending or khan…

Thursday was the last day for the presentations, but this day was not best day and note better then Wednesday because it was a bit hard first, we didn’t have the same audience as the Wednesday. I think it was harder for us, but I don’t really know why first in the group members it was hard because some of the people were not respectful. But also, I think that this was the worst because it was still hard to work with non-respectful people.

And finally, Friday was the day of the Pizza Party. However, in the morning, there was a small problem because the teachers didn’t really know if we deserved a pizza party, so we all wrote on a small paper why we deserve the pizza party and why we think that we don’t deserve it. We gave it to our teachers and to Miss Helen, so that they could read and make a decision. And after guess what, they made a decision and they said…………. “YES!” We are going to have a Pizza Party!

So, after Ms. Dhanashree ordered the pizza and the cupcakes! It was just amazing; the cupcakes were rainbow it was beautiful if you want to see here is the link to the website:

Oh yeah and thank you so much Miss Dhanashree and Ms Swati for ordering the cupcakes and the pizza. Also thank you Miss Nidhi, Miss Anne and Miss Helen – I will never forget you!

So, as you can see these 3 days of Exhibition were just CRAZY!!!!!

Blitz Kidz – Davi, Yeowon, Seohyun, Aaron, Anastasia

A Dive Into PYP-X

By Davi

We were on the basketball court, 100 people clapping for us. It was finally time to finish this. Ok that’s all well and good but first let us see how we got here. Take a deep dive into PYP X and our work. Please enjoy our presentation.

First, we had to choose which topic we would learn about. Once we had chosen our topic, we would meet our group and decide on several important things such as our logo, our name and probably the most important, the central idea and LOI’s.

After we had finished deciding on our group, we had to separate temporarily to do individual research. Do you remember how I told you that we had to choose LOIs? l, each of us chose our LOI and now we had to research it. It took 2 of the 9 weeks for us to complete our research and once it was done it was finally time to prepare our presentation and action.

We were finally done with the preparation for PYPX, and it was now time for all our work to start meaning something. It was time to present. We practiced day and day for the presentation.

Phew! We’re finally back to where we started. 100 people clapping for us on the basketball court. Now what happened next went like this. First off, the announcer announced the beginning of PYP X. Next, each group introduced itself. After we were done with that, we all sat and began the song cups. We finished this and all went into the classrooms to present. My group introduced themselves and before the presentation started, we said, “Please enjoy our presentation”.

As for my conclusion and ending thoughts, I believe that I did quite well and didn’t mess anything up. I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to Ms. Nidhi, Ms. Anne, and Ms. Swati.

I would also like to thank Ms. Chirasree who left before the end of the exhibition. And lastly, I would like to thank YOU the reader for reading my blog post. Thank you for reading.

My Exhibition

By Yeowon

My group name is The Blitz Kidz (Member: Nastia, Davi, Aaron, Yeowon, Seohyun). Our topic was War & Peace. We were 5 members (Our team is the only team with 5 members). Our central Idea was ‘World Collaboration enables conflict resolution. Our transdisciplinary theme is ‘How the World Works’.

Our UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) is number 16 (Peace, Justice and strong institutions.) Line of inquiry (Nastia: consequences of war. Davi: The origins of war. Aaron: The weapon used in war. Yeowon: Human conflict. Seohyun: Conflict resolution.)

My line of inquiry was human conflict. I chose it because I wanted to know why people have conflicts. My key-concept was form I chose this because I thought form can connected to my line of inquiry. My related concept was history.  I thought I could find a famous war story in history, so I chose it. I found research about my exhibition (Justice of human conflict, why do people have conflict, how conflict can make war, if conflict isn’t solved and the war starts.) I made a data. I asked one question about what action do we take to end all wars. Most (33%) people said, ‘Make peace with neighbouring countries.’ I made a 3-page story book about war for my action, using Canva.

Sometimes we faced challenges, but we always helped each other, so we could finish our presentation. I hope P4 learners will work together with their groups with teamwork.

My Exhibition

By Seohyun

My group name is The Blitz Kids. Our group members are Nastia, Aaron, Davi, Yeowon and Seohyun. Our group is the only 5 members in the exhibition group. Our topic is peace and war.

Our central idea is world collaboration enables conflict resolution. Our transdisciplinary theme is how the world works. Our UN SDG is number 16 – peace, justice and strong institution. And line of inquiry is Nastia is consequences of war, Davi is origins of war, Aaron is arms and ammunition, Yeowon is human conflict and Seohyun is conflict resolution.

Our topic is peace and war. The reason we chose war and peace was to end war and move forward for peace. My line of inquiry is conflict resolution. I chose the topic of conflict resolution because I wanted to know more about how to resolve conflict in each country. And what I found in this topic is that people in each country want peace and fighting war for different reasons.

Our transdisciplinary theme is how the world works. We chose this one because it’s connected to the way the world functions. And our UN SDG is number 16 – peace, justice and strong institutions. The reason we chose this number 16 UN SDG is because number 16 is related to peace.

My key concept is connection. As for why I chose this key concept, because I wanted to know more about things related to war and peace, just as my key concept is connected to war and peace. And my related concept is peace. The reason why I chose this related concept is because our topic is peace and war, and I want to inform and remind you of the importance of peace.

After all, war is bad, and people want peace. If there is something you want from each other, you should come to an agreement without fighting recklessly. And when making an agreement, it’s important to respect and listen to each other’s opinion. If there is a fight around you, don’t watch and wait for a helpful solution or until the situation is over. If you are forced to fight, never escalate the situation and go to the option to end the situation.

An Exciting and Stressful Time

By Aaron

Have you ever heard of a group of 5 people who had to present a presentation in front of a group of people? They were very scared because it was their first time presenting in front of a group of people.

What is Exhibition?

At first, I thought that exhibition was only to know how to explain something, to have communication skills, to see how I could explain.

Is it time for research?

We had to find websites or a book and read it and then find good information and then paraphrase it and then put it on the slides.

What time is it?

It was a stressful time, but we were ok. Presenting our learning was fun and interesting.

The Pathway of Learning; Exhibition

By Nastia

It all started with a fifth-grade class, ready to start the upcoming Exhibition. Now you may be wondering: What is this Exhibition all about? Or perhaps: When and where was this? Well, I’m Nastia, and I will be telling you more about the Exhibition, that we do at MIS. The exhibition was a process of fun, as well as challenging moments. But one thing is for sure: Many minds working with each other creating and working together…

What is the Exhibition? And why is it important?

The Exhibition, in other words PYP X, is a project, which grade five students worked on to develop new learning abilities, individually, as well as collaboratively. In the Exhibition, we worked in groups, to improve our communication and our social skills. Working in groups helped us get to know each other better and it also helped us learn and work with new students. In the exhibition we could improve and work on many different skills, which help us be more organized and constructive learners. The Exhibition helps students prepare for the middle years program, as we had to do research, citations and so on.

When was the Exhibition?

The Exhibition was a pretty long process which lasted from the 13th of March 2023 till the 18th of May 2023. In total we worked for around 9 weeks, when five of them were for research. Our presentation days were the 17th and the 18th of May.

What process did we follow in the Exhibition?

In the Exhibition we did research, reflections, notes and so on. For all our processes, we had a folder to track all our work. We had many notes, worksheets and papers inside of it. In our process, we focused on different types of notes to improve our knowledge of writing down information and not plagiarizing. Not plagiarizing is a very important skill, as you don’t give the author, writer, etc. Credits for the information. That is why we do citations and never write exactly the same.

The End

Overall, the Exhibition was a combination of very fun times. It was a very exciting duration of nine weeks. I think that all of us had our ups and downs. But in the end, we did a well job. Together with hard work, tiring research and fun collaborating, our process made the perfect end to the PYP X.