PYP X Blog Posts – Part 2

Artologists – Amyra, Baptiste, Sanjana, Teo

The Exciting Journey of the PYPX!

By Amyra

The exhibition is a fun and inquisitive journey of learning. In this process, we use our thinking and research skills that we gathered from the PYP. This thrilling experience helps us learn more about a topic we like or want to inquire into. This skill is something that you will keep getting better at. It is exciting as all the research we did for 9 weeks (about 2 months) finally has come to an end and we are going to present it.

Before the 17th and 18th, we had to practice to know that we are ready to present in front of everyone. We practised a few times with our group and sometimes with our notecards. This helped us get more confident and know that we are prepared to present. Then came the day of the show. We started it with an opening ceremony which started with the introduction of all the groups. Then everybody showed their talents at either playing the piano, ukulele or the cups. This helped everyone show their talent/ skills. After the ceremony, it was finally time to present in front of our parents and caregivers. It was a fun experience that gave us certain skills such as confidence, communicating and inquiring. It helped that we had all the resources near us. Also, the motivation of our friends and parents helped us.

It was fun, exciting and I was a little nervous at first, but with all my friends and the motivation I got it went well.

The Exhibition Journey

By Baptiste

Did you know that, on Wednesday 17th and on Thursday 18th May 2023, a big event was happening in MIS? The P5 exhibition was happening! It is the biggest PYP event of the year, where the P5 present a big presentation about a topic of their choice I, was in the topic of art and music.

The Exhibition is good for many reasons: It helped me strengthen my communication, presentation, and research skills. We spent two weeks working on research and two days presenting. I learned many interesting facts about the topic that I had. Did you know that the scratching technique was invented by mistake? We did an action to explain a topic better to people. My action was a guide for your first steps into DJ. I showed the buttons to my DJ console.

The presentation went very well, and I am proud of the class. I loved the exhibition and I hope you have come to see us. Thank you for reading My blog post, I hope you enjoyed it!

The Exhilarating PYP X journey

By Sanjana

Hi, I will be talking about my journey in PYPX. The exhibition is when we share our learning and passion as a group. Our exhibition was on 17th and 18th May 2023. It took place in Mahindra International school. Join me as I tell you about my experience in PYPX.

In the grand opening ceremony, we introduced our group name, our lines of inquiry and related concepts. We also performed a song called “When I Am Gone.” Miss Carla gave a wonderful speech about our work of nine weeks. On May 17th we did our presentation for our parents. I showed them my learning of musical expression and classical music. I also displayed my research, presentation, communication, and time management skills to do my exhibition. On May 18th , we presented it to little kids and Indus school. We helped them have a better understanding of art forms. As we were running short of time, we could not do the whole presentation for the Indus learners.

The exhibition was a fun and challenging experience. I learnt a lot of skills such as research and presentation skills. The exhibition was the highlight of PYP. The exhibition helped me build my confidence. I will always remember PYP because of the exhibition.

MY PYP X Journey

By Teo

You might have heard of PYP X but if you have not, I’ll explain it to you. PYP X is the final event before the PYP learners move to MYP (Middle Years Programme). The opening ceremony took place in the basketball quart and the presentations in the PYP building.

So, before we started the PYP exhibition we had to train ourselves and plan a little bit so for example we trained our research skills by getting a paper linked to our topics and doing research on it. For the planning we got a paper where we would design our group slides. Week 3–7, we researched our individual slides, using a special research method called the cornel method, which made us write the subject, paraphrased notes, keywords and research questions and a summary. During the research time we had a lot of different websites to use like Kiddle Duckster and Brittanica. I used Brittanica the most. Week 7 – 9 we worked on our presentation, during this time we had to plan slides like action slides and our concepts.

So, I believe when people start an exhibition or something similar you should not waste your time on other things, you should have all your focus on that thing and use some time to check if you have a reliable website.

Cinematics – Alice, Ayussh, Anna, Zdenek

A New Step in Learning

By Alice

On the 13th of March 2023, we, the PYP5, started a new journey, Exhibition. We have been working for more than nine weeks, researching, constructing, trying, failing, and communicating about different topics and presentations. I chose and got the topic of movies, and a group who did their best to present you with diverse things you probably don’t know. Sometimes it was harder than others, like in every journey we had ups and downs. But we were not alone for this long trip, our teachers, expert, team, family where here for help and support us.

This experience has been divided into nine weeks of collaboration, research and learning. The first month was one of the most interesting. We researched and discovered new things. But it was also the hardest we should find good research, predict how are we going to present and organize our idea.

If we asked questions for our presentation, I think it was for having different opinions, different ways to communicate and even with our expert who helps find different ways to give more details for our presentation. All the people in this unit were helpful, they tried to do their best for us. And we should thank them for all their opinions. We took action related to our topic. There were models, Scratch videos, a calendar, d so many ideas to help you understand more about our topics.

Unfortunately, 9 weeks (about 2 months) went faster than we thought. It was already time to present and show you all our knowledge in only 30 minutes. When we were presenting, I think we all felt something, like sadness or happiness or shame. Me, I was super happy to present to you all my research and our collaboration with my group. Plus, I think with all the amazing things we prepared for you there was no reason for you to not like, the piano, music, song, and poster.

Already the end, time is going too fast!

Our teachers and Miss. Helen did the best for us. They even organized a party for the end of this long trip of learning, researching and collaborating. So finally, I think that Exhibition will always help me in the future, to know more about cinema, sport, war, nature, … But also, how to research, find answer collaborate, adapt to other opinion…

And here we go, we will restart a new trip and again and again till the end of our LIFE.

PYP X Journey

By Anna

Hello everyone, my name is Anna, and I am talking about my exhibition. I am thinking about what my theme is in this exhibition or something like that. Presentation is fun, but practicing is not fun, and some people or children are afraid because they have not presented yet. Positive and negative things, looking at types of film is good but not good for our eyes. The subject of interest is types of films and my related concepts in viewers. I have 3 themes, one is romance, two is horror and the last one is action. And I have something positive and negative. You know that the first cinema was created in 1907.

I learned from this exhibition that everything is not simple or easy. To learn or work on everything and practice. The skills we learn are endless if you make a great first impression, learn teamwork and keep your mind open to the research we work on. Some people think ever think is easy, but not. We must learn that everything is not simple, because when someone does the dirty work for you, you will not learn anything, and the person who did it for you will know more.

Anyone who is P4 who is reading this – remember – learning – practicing – believe in

Journey in PYP X

By Ayussh

It was the 17 May 2023. 9 weeks (about 2 months) of preparation had gone by for this presentation. But before I tell you how it went let’s rewind about 9 weeks ago when we started. It all started on 13 March 2023 we had just completed all our units. We were thinking that we had smooth sailing from then, but we did not know what we were about to go through. After the last day of our last unit, we saw on our schedule this new thing called exhibition I kind of knew about it. I thought it would be easy but everybody else

Were kind of excited I was like “Why are you guys excited?” my friends were like “You don’t know exhibition?”

Well, I said “No” at that moment the teachers made us come to the floor and said, “Did you guys notice something different the schedule has changed did you guys see the exhibition!” I was confused. I knew that at the end of P5, we had to do a thing called an exhibition, but I did not know what it was the teachers told us before we had to choose 3 topics). I was about to faint when they said what group I was in. None of my friends. We sat and talked about our group fast ward a week I knew all the members of my group. They were good friends and I got to get to know what the people were like. That week we were doing research (We had to do research for 8 weeks). Fast forward another 7 weeks we were rehearsing our lines for our presentation and the opening ceremony. After 1 more week it was the day May 17, 2023, we were on the stage ready to say our lines we survived the ceremony but when we had to present to the first group of people something bad happened my note cards were gone the people had to wait 5 whole minutes but then Miss Helen went up to the P5 classroom and got me my note cards. The presentations went wonderfully (this is where the exhibition ended, but we still had a party, all the details are on the exhibition website). We had our regular reflection (after we do anything we have to reflect) and now I am writing this thank you for reading the I will see you next time.

My Journey

By Zdenek

It started in March; we started working on Exhibition and we start doing some paper. We are doing research from books but also research using eBooks and websites. I learned more about Disney, Anime, Marvel and Fast and Furious. I learned about good things about movies or films and bad things about films or movie.

Eco-Green Club – Akshaj, Geonjun, Jaeyul, Sofie

PYPX Blog Post

By Akshaj

On the 17th and 18th of May, all PYP5 gathered to present the work that we had been working on for 9 weeks (about 2 months). There were 8 groups and all of them were presented in 4 different rooms, P5 classroom, the Hindi classroom, the ELA classroom and the downstairs reading room.

Before the exhibition, we worked on some ATL’s (Approaches to learning, LPA (learner profile attributes), we also made a PYPX vision board and a slogan for us. We started researching for our research questions, we worked on researching for 2 weeks in total.

We finally started presenting our work on the 17th of May. On the 17th we presented to the PYP4s and the parents. On the 18th we presented the PYP3 and below and to the PYP4 in Indus.

Therefore, we have finally finished our presentation and finally accomplished our 9 weeks (about 2 months) of work in a great way.

PYPX Blog Post

By Geonjun

First, we learned about the ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills and tried to use them in real life and with our friends.

Next was research. I started to research my topic, facts, interesting facts and put them in our individual slide and prepare for the presentation exhibition.

We finally presented the exhibition to many parents and PYP4 students from Indus and had a pizza party after presenting all the groups’ exhibition and their individual slides.

The exhibition is hard, but we can learn many things from the exhibition, for example we can learn presentation skills from the exhibition.

The PYPX Adventure

By Sofie

You might wonder what is PYPX? Well, PYPX means PYP exhibition. During the open ceremony, Parents started coming and started taking pictures of us and cheering for us. Hi! My name is Sofie, I will turn 11 in June. Exhibition for me was hard. But I managed to face it.

I used the ATL skills: communication, research and thinking skills. Communicator is the best for communicating.

My research is related to each other because we learn about climate change. What makes our research connect is our thinking.

I added our research, Action and my line of inquiry. In presenting, I added lots of research.

In Exhibition you need to know that. You need to make an action for the people to look at. Then you need a Chromebook to present to the people. Then you need to impress the people and help your teammates. Then you will have a pizza party.

Foodies – Aansh, Malene, Saanika, Seong Jun

By Aansh

We started off by choosing our 3 topics. No one knew what their topic was going to be! My first choice was Technology, but I got Food, which I equally like.

Next our job as a group was to draft the central idea and lines of inquiry. So, we all made different ones and we started our research based on our LOI for 9 weeks (about 2 months).

At last, the day had come when we were going to present our learning to the Indus school and parents. All the groups gave their best and did it by heart and at last to celebrate our PYPX we had a small pizza party.

The Exhibition Journey

By Malene

The Exhibition is something that all P5 learners pass through. We have 9 weeks (about 2 months) to do everything needed and then it was time to present. When I learnt about the Exhibition my first thoughts were that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish my research and that I wouldn’t be able to answer all the questions asked. When we were thinking of the topic we would like, the teachers told us to choose three topics that we would want and then the teachers would decide the groups and topics for us. The Exhibition included a lot of things some of them being working together, researching a lot, reflecting, making our note cards and practising. During the Exhibition we got a black folder in which we would put all our research and reflections.

On Tuesday May 16th we were practicing/rehearsing and preparing a lot so that we would be ready for the Exhibition. On Wednesday we presented to the parents MYP1’s and the P4’s. On Thursday we presented to EY1’s all the way to P3’s and to the Indus P4 students.

We prepared everything by making sure we knew what we had to say, the teachers helped by making our stalls ready to present the next day. To make sure that everything would go well we made note cards in case we would forget what to say and we rehearsed many times to make sure we knew when it was our turn to talk. It was a lot harder than we thought! It was really time consuming but fun and we had to do many things during the process for example first we chose three topics we wanted to do then the teachers would chose them for us and put us in groups according to the topic next we had our group meeting after that we came up with a group name an made our logo next we got our Exhibition journals and started researching and making our action then we made our note cards and drew on our rock and finally all we had to do was work on our poster and it was time to present.

When we first started the Exhibition, I was very nervous and thought we wouldn’t have enough time. It ended up going very well and even being quite fun. It was very fun but when it came to working with the smaller kids as cute and good listeners, they also kept getting distracted and taking all our things. Before the Exhibition I felt very nervous but after I felt a lot happier and relieved so before and after was very different for me.

The PYPX Journey

By Saanika

Hello, everyone, today I am going to tell you about my amazing PYP Exhibition Journey. PYPX has been a challenging fun time where we made central ideas, lines of inquiry and did heaps of research. The Exhibition has displayed the end of our PYP journey and beginning of the new MYP journey. From 13 of March to 18 of May (Nine weeks) we worked with our group to create a successful presentation. I may not have gotten the topic I wanted but I had an amazing experience doing it with new people.

We started our presentations on Wednesday 17 May. We had P5 musicians Amyra and Baptiste who welcomed our audience and started our Opening Ceremony. The two Master of Ceremony were Aansh and I (Saanika) lead the show and all groups introduced themselves by sharing their lines of inquiry and related concepts. Ms. Lizzy, our music teacher, helped us perform the Cup Song to end the show and start our presentations.

At nine o’clock we started presenting in our rooms which had two groups. My room had the Artologists and my group the Foodies. We had all the work we did over nine weeks and we had our Bloom’s taxonomy balls, posters & rocks. It was very enjoyable and a wonderful experience of a unique way to present.

Thursday, Day 2, looked a bit different, we presented to EY1 through P3 classes. We only presented our actions and group work, which meant it was a shorter presentation. When Indus arrived, we presented it to many people, and they asked many questions that we happily answered.

Working on the Exhibition was a great memorable journey and a wonderful way to end PYP. I will remember PYP as a wonderful place to learn and Exhibition will be a fantastic way to remember it. I hope that now classes like P3 and P4 are inspired to work hard on their Exhibition.


By Seong Jun

My LOI is healthy food and my team’s common theme is healthy food, wellness and culture. And it is my role to know and present what healthy food is and what are the benefits of healthy food. I made a video using Canva and made a poster and a paper ball with various information, painted a stone, and complete a presentation.