P5 Exhibition – Global warming can impact our actions towards climate change – Andrea

Global warming can impact our actions towards climate change.

Hello my name is Andrea and I am a P5 student. I am 10 years old and I have chosen global warming because it’s a very serious issue that we need to stop in order for earth to restore balance with us.

My central idea is: Global warming can impact our actions towards climate change.

My lines of inquiry are:

  • Causes of global warming. (Function)
  • Impact of global warming. (Causation)
  • Action for climate change. (Responsibility)

My transdisciplinary theme is Sharing the planet. The interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

Key concepts: Responsibility, Causation, Reflection

My focus learner profile attributes were:

Principled: I was principled when I did my work on time.

Inquirer: I was an inquirer when I wanted to know more about this issue of global warming and climate change.

Knowledgeable: I was knowledgeable when I learned, made decisions and had ideas.

My UN SD Goal is 13: Climate Action and 7: Affordable and Clean Energy. Global warming is what is causing climate change and we need to take action to reduce its impact. Affordable and clean energy is what we can use to help this cause.

Approaches to Learning: I used my research skills by trying to find knowledge and figure out a way to spread that knowledge. Change some things that me and my family do for the better.

During my research I found out:

  • Global warming is the fast increase of temperature on earth caused by humans. This is causing irreversible damage to life on earth. Greenhouse gases contain CO2, Methane, H2O and Nitrous Oxide.
  • Trees take the CO2 and then they produce fresh oxygen but when we cut or burn the tree down the CO2 goes back out. With less trees that means less rainfall. Which leads to less crops and plants to grow; making animals die or adapt to the new environment. With the heating health is impacted because there are more mosquito borne diseases and more illness.
  • Mother nature is trying to fix things and it’s causing natural disasters making destruction to homes also sea levels rising. 

The action I am taking and you should too:

1. Plant a tree

2. Recycle

3. Walk or Bike

4. Use less energy

5. Change food habits

By doing these you will unlock more creativity, do good for the environment and have positive energy. This makes me feel good about what I am doing.

Primary sources: I interviewed my teachers who are experts in science and the environment. I also conducted an experiment with 2 fish to see how pollution was impacting them.

Secondary sources: Websites, videos, and books.

Integration with VA: I created this piece of art titled ‘The Mess’.  This is what I see the world as, everything we do. There is a lot of pollution and heat in the ocean. Big bodies of water being polluted, overfishing, the extraction of fossil fuels, overpopulation. This represents all the problems that we need to solve. The black line below the hand shows us taking pieces of the Earth.

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