Final Thoughts on the 21-Day Wellness Challenge in Primary

The 21-Day Wellness Challenge concluded on May 21, with two virtual PSPE sessions that were joined by almost 100 participants in total. Mr. Fernando led two cardio fitness workouts for students, parents, and teachers, while Mr. Underhill read a mindfulness story that helped everyone refocus their thoughts. 

The purpose of the wellness challenge was to create an awareness of lifestyle choices that can lead to optimal holistic health and well-being. So, for 21 days, some of our community members participated in various activities designed to promote the concept of wellness. The engagements were also linked to student learning and the three PSPE strands: Identity, Active Living, and Interactions. Through these strands, learners develop their conceptual understandings of personal, social, and physical education. For example, in Identity, learners will inquire into how positive thoughts can help them develop a positive attitude by practicing mindfulness activities. In Active Living, learners will measure their growth through changes in capability and physical changes in fitness and sports contexts. In Interactions, learners will explore how individuals can extend and challenge their current understanding by engaging with the ideas and perspectives of others in team-based activities or games.

Furthermore, wellness is a concept that is much broader than just physical well-being. Most models show that wellness includes at least six dimensions: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Environmental. Although we did not explore all aspects of wellness this time, the 21-Day Wellness Challenge demonstrated a need for such events to support community health and well-being. The PSPE team is planning to organize more of these events in the coming school year. So, do watch this space!

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