Activating Change

The Student Voice Foundation strives to make every student and educator aware of the power of their voice. In order to encourage them and  promote meaningful use of technology in teaching and learning SVF has initiated the Global Student Voice Film Festival (GSVFF) project. This encourages students to enhance their skills in becoming advocates for change in an innovative manner and express their thoughts by means of technology.

GSVFF is a platform open for students from age group 5 to 18 under three categories. Category one is Early ages 5 – 9 years, Category two is Middle ages 10 – 14 years, and Category three is Upper ages 15 – 18. Last year we had total of seven participants from school. These students worked from home, took teacher’s guidance and submitted their videos in time. They received an appreciation certificate from GSVFF. Apart from the certificate students learned new skills of creating a video demonstrating their understanding of academic integrity and digital citizenship.

This year the theme is ‘Activating a Change’ and the duration of the video should be 60 seconds (one minute). It may extend to an additional 30 seconds for credits only. This is an opportunity for students to collaboratively or individually express their thoughts, enhance their skills and demonstrate their creativity to the world.

“Be the change you want to be”, said M. K. Gandhi. With the theme ‘Activating  Change’ students can lead a good cause by capturing their ideas in a one minute video.

Interested students from PYP should see Ms. Fanny Passeport, from MYP should see Ms. Sayli Tongaonkar, and from DP Ms. Teresa Rodrigues.

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Sayli Tongaonkar

Secondary Teacher

Individuals and Societies