Report about the guest lecture on the subject Economics by Mr Senthil Kumaran

Write up about the guest lecture by Mr Kumaran

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of delivering a lecture on the topic of Market Failure in
Microeconomics to the DP1 Students. Though an Engineer by training, I have been a student of
economics for a long time – inspired by the subject’s ability to help make sense of the world we
live and transact in. When I learned from Ms. Daisy and Mrs. Bhave (Econ Teacher) that they
are looking for parent volunteers to lecture to the DP1 students on specific topics in Economics.
I jumped at the opportunity. They specifically wanted me to share lots of real-world examples
and help reinforce what the students have already learned in theory. I ensured that the whole
session was very interactive and came away impressed by the level of proficiency of our DP1
Econ students. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and urge other parents to volunteer and
share their knowledge and experience as well. It is a great way to give back to our school!

Write up by Mehek Mehera Dp 1 student on the guest lecture.
Guest Lecture- Mr. Kumaran
On Tuesday, the 19th of February, the Economics class of DP1 was given the opportunity to
hear from an Economist and a member of the MBIS community, Mr. Senthil Kumaran. With him,
Mr. Kumaran, brought extensive knowledge of Economics as well as a deep insight into the
real-life applications of what we had previously studied. We are extremely thankful as he took
time out of his busy schedule to visit us and clarify our knowledge of Economics. We also highly
appreciate how he showed us the importance of Economics beyond the classroom by providing
us with his experiences with the concepts that we had looked into.