An Inquiry into Air Pollution

My name is Samar. I’m in grade 5 and I am writing about my Exhibition.

Why did I select my inquiry?

I chose air pollution as my inquiry because I want to help the environment.

My central idea was: Human actions can impact the quality of air. 

My lines of Inquiry were: Reasons for air pollution.

                                        Impact of air pollution on the environment

                                        Action for positive change

My transdisciplinary theme was: How we organise ourselves

My concepts were responsibility connection and causation -Pollution consequences and climate

My focus Learner Profile attributes were communicator and caring

My UN Global goal:   13  Climate Action       


My approaches to learning were: Communication skills and research skills

My links to the school Mission and vision were: I was making the world a better place by reducing carbon emissions.

During my research I found out what hydrocarbons are, that even agricultural activities can harm the environment and I found out what indoor air pollution is.

I used primary resources because I had an interview with Ms. Hema

I used secondary resources because I used a lot of websites.

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

Google slides  link here

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be I will become vegetarian later in life

I ask you to take action by everything I said in my presentation