Animal Welfare

Hello my name is Antoine. I am very passionate about animals.

Why did I select my inquiry?  

I chose this topic because poaching is currently a global issue, especially nowadays since many species are in danger of extinction due to Global warming.

Poaching is accelerating the process of extinction of these species.

 My central idea was: Human activity can affect the welfare of animals.

My lines of Inquiry were:

1.Reason for killing animals

 2.Impact of hunting and poaching.

3. Action for change

My transdisciplinary theme was:: How the world works.

My concepts were: Causation, Change, and Responsibility

My related concepts were: Impact, Interdependence

My focus Learner Profile attributes was: Balanced, I took time to do my assignments, inquire for Exhibition and also was involved in sports. I learnt to manage my time.

My UN Goals was: Life on land    number 15        

My approaches to learning were: Research and communication skills.

I used my research skill to inquire, paraphrase and write in correct order.

I communicated effectively with my teachers and audience when I presented my inquiry.

My links to the school Mission and vision were

Encourage responsibility: I encouraged people to stop poaching.animals

Main findings, facts, and insights

  • Poachers don’t always kill the animals, normally they take what they want from the animals and just leave them there and let them suffer.
  • Poachers can kill a rhino just to sell the horn on the black market and then leave the rest of the body lying there.
  • The powder of the horn of the rhino is sold at the price of 50 000 dollars per kg. It is more expensive than gold and cocaine! A lot of rhinos have been killed and now they are endangered.
  • People think it has medical benefits and can cure everything, even cancers. But it is false. The horn is the same material as your nails and hair.
  • Pangolins are endangered because of illegal trade too. In Asia, the scales are used in a variety of traditional remedies.
  • The tusks of the elephants are searched by poachers because ivory goes at a high price in the black market. Every year, around 30 000 elephants are killed just because of poaching.
  • Animals are bred in the cages specifically for hunting.
  • Canned hunting is the killing of an animal in an enclosure to obtain a trophy.

I used primary resources I interviewed Ms.Julia. Ms.Julia is a friend of my mom. Ms.Julia is working for the animals welfare India  

I used secondary resources like websites, books, youtube etc

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry Google slides link:

My personal action will be not to eat any meat and not buy illegal animal products too.

I ask you to take action by spreading awareness: Don’t buy any illegal animals to keep as pets. Don’t poach. Don’t buy accessories made of animal skins.

Resource I used.


 My bib: