Author visit in P5

Ms. Leela Gour Broome visited MIS on 27th February 2020.  She is the author of Flute in the Forest, Red Kite Adventure and The Anaishola Chronicles.  These books reflect her combined passions for nature and children.  Ms. Broome talked about her new book, Earthquake Boy, a compelling adventure story that brings to life the reality of abandoned and orphaned children living on their own in the big cities of India. The book chronicles the experiences of a young boy after the earthquake in 2001 in Bhuj, Gujarat.

Ms. Broome spent some time with the P4 and P5 learners discussing her experience of writing her latest book Earthquake Boy. She explained why her book is classified as realistic fiction and why it took her 13 years to write the book. Using their prior knowledge of topics covered in class, P5 learners could relate to her discussion which included the use of literary devices in writing, as well as the design process of the book covers. She emphasized the need to repeatedly edit one’s work till it met the desired standard. Ms. Broome also detailed the process of publishing a book after it is written.  Students learnt how she dealt with criticism and rejection from many publishers before she was finally accepted by the publisher Talking Cub.

Discussing the cause and nature of earthquakes was a good opportunity for P4 learners to tune into their next unit, How the World Works. The discussions included a few provocation questions and wonderings that would be answered while inquiring into the unit.

Ms Broome read passages from the book that captivated her audience with the use of figurative language and alliterations.  Students were engaged in making predictions while listening to the story evolve and they realized the challenges and risks encountered by the characters in the story. They were delighted to have their purchased book signed by the author.