Awareness and Learning at the same time

The CAS project was started by Sehyun and Geonhee. It focused on creating music on the issue of Climate change to make people more aware about the issue. The issue was decided by looking at the UNSDG 2021. I joined this CAS project group because I could connect with the issue. After reading more about the issue of Climate change, I got to know the seriousness of the problem and I felt more obliged to work with the group.

To start with the project, we started thinking about people whom we could invite to join the group and the people that would be happy to work with us. Firstly, a plan was devised to divide the work between the members of the group. Everyone was given an option to work in a certain area so that no one felt pressurized. This made the group members more open to comments and feedback as everyone met each other and got comfortable.

I had decided to work in the marketing area. Rugved was working with me too. Our work was to spread awareness about our project and what we were doing through social media apps like Instagram. The first challenge that I faced was that I had never used Instagram for such purposes before. To get to know more about what I was supposed to do, I started searching how to grow Instagram accounts and how to attract people towards your profile so that they get to know about your goals. After watching different videos, I produced a plan to post pictures and videos regularly to attract more people. Though, I could not start it on my own. Therefore, I had various discussions with Rugved to produce a solid plan to start with the account. While working with him, I realized that my work had become easier. There were times when I did not agree with what he had to say. But this did not make me criticize his ideas. I learned how to be a better listener. I became more diverse as a person. This was a new skill that I was learning. Therefore, it was important to persevere.

After the plan, Rugved and I decided to start by building the profile, which included having a good profile picture and a catchy bio. Throughout the project, I engaged with an issue that held global significance. I got to learn about the effects of Climate change that made me cautious about the daily actions that I do. I also told this to my other friends and family members which built a chain of awareness where people got to know why we should try to stop doing actions that lead to climate change, even in the smallest of ways.

The CAS project is still going on and we are still working on the Instagram profile building. I am continuing to learn new strategies and am becoming a better team player along with enhancing myself as a leader. Through this CAS project, I was able to learn about socializing online which I had never paid attention to. I have realized that social media is a strong platform and that it can be used to cause change and spread your message to many different people where you can connect and work with newer people to enhance yourself as a learner.

by Yash, DP 2