Authors visit to Mahindra IS

On the 27th of February, author Ms Leela Broome came to our school to promote her new book called Earthquake Boy. As a grandmother of 3 children, her passion for reading and writing has never stopped. She has written 4 books in total which consist of The Anaishola Chronicles, Flute In The Forest, Red Kite Adventure, and her new book Earthquake Boy. All her books are based on India as she feels that there are not enough Indian authors who write books about India. She also does many other things other than reading and writing like running nature camps or spending time with her children and grandchildren. She also loves interacting with kids and telling adventures stories about her life growing up, and all about her parents to children. We as a school have had the honour of meeting Ms Leela Broome twice as she came a couple of years ago to promote her book Anaishola Chronicles.

The book is about a boy who has been found five days after the disastrous Bhuj earthquake and he has gotten a case of Amnesia, this was an earthquake in 2001, 7.7 on the Richter scale. This story is completely fictional, it is realistic fiction. She took three months to write the draft but took ten years to research about this earthquake. Then she made changes based on her research and what she learnt. In all, it took her thirteen years to write her book.

During our interaction, Ms Leela talked to us about her journey while writing this book. She talked about her inspiration and her childhood and how the idea came to life. We were informed about the story of this boy and also the terrible earthquake in Bhuj. She read us an excerpt of her book and we got an idea of the style of writing, the setting and the plot of the story. She read to us in such a way that we wanted her to continue reading, she has a wonderful way of keeping students focused to what she was saying. We learnt that one of the most important things you need as an author is patience as it is not easy and polishing the story is very time-consuming. After the session, we asked Ms Leela many questions and we got an opportunity to buy her new book and get it signed by the author herself!

In conclusion, we were very fortunate and grateful to have Ms Leela come to our school and interact with us and provide us with an unforgettable experience.

Aaryan Kinra and Armaan Mehtani – MYP 1