MYP 1 students, the youngest and newest members of the MYP student community, while working their way through their very first unit based in ‘Myth and Legends of the World’, engaged in a fun task a couple of week ago. The students wrote ‘Bio Poems’. Now, one might wonder ‘What is a bio poem?’  This was the very question our inquisitive and curious students had. Let us understand what a bio poem is:.

A bio poem is a simple poem written about a person, and it follows a predictable pattern. Bio poems generally don’t rhyme, and they can be autobiographical or biographical.

Our students could not wait to apply their knowledge of Bio Poems to create their own. Here are some of the Bio Poems:

Anwisha   Caring, Clumsy, Confident & positive about everyone.  Who loves nature gaming & anime.  Who is positive about herself and others.   Who wonders how the future is gonna be like.  Who fears to lose people and facing heights.  Who looks for a better future for others and nature.  Who is able to communicate with people and understand them and their needs.  Who dreams for a bright future  Océane,  Lover of Books, Leopards, and Harry Potter,  Who is a Book-Worm, a Chatter-Box, and Artistic,  Who feels, Kind, Welcoming, and Warm,  Who wonders, when people would start acting for climate change,  Who fears…….heights.  Who would like, to go to London,   Who is able to read 200pages in one hour,  Who dreams to become a Harry Potter actress. 
Hridaan  Kind, caring, but cranky sometimes  Lover of my dogs and my family  Who feels Joyful and excited while playing with dogs,  Who wonders about the start of humans and how they transformed,  Who fears height and heath,  Who would like to do many things in life,  Who is able to take care of family members,  Who dreams about Future technology and how far humans will come.    Zayan  Smart, intelligent, creative  Lover of online gaming, cars and planes,  Who feels happy during the holidays, Who wonders about virtual reality, Who fears bees and their frightful sting, Who would like to design a new game for children who don’t go to school, Who is able to achieve everything he wants,  Who dreams of owning a hobby shop that everyone will have fun at.   
Catalina  Kind, friendly, weird and funny  Lover of food, fun and friends  Who feels stressed, Who wonder if her homework will ever end, Who fears to never have no homework,  Who would like to go to Argentina, Who is able to speak, Who dreams of going to Argentina and see her family. Aamya Who is creative  Child of two amazing parents  Lover of art   Who needs music  Who fears killer clowns  Who gives great ideas  Who would like to see equality in the world  Resident of Singapore  P.