CAS at the Mahindra IS – Climate Change

Getting involved in this CAS Project, which focuses on the problem of climate change and aims to make music that sparks and generates awareness of the climate change issue amongst people, was a fascinating experience for me. The UNSDG 2021 was used to make the decision. I joined this CAS project group since I was interested in the subject. It was created by Sehyun and Geonhee who are our group leaders as well. After learning more about the topic of climate change, I realized the gravity of the situation and felt compelled to join the group’s efforts. I wasn’t sure how I was going to contribute to this CAS project at first. As a result, we held many sessions with the members of the group, each of which addressed my primary contribution.

Those group meetings were convened to determine who is going to do what. Our group leaders, Sehyun and Geonhee, conducted a series of questions to determine which platform you would contribute the most to do our best. As a result, I told them I could do a better job of advertising and promoting whatever product they came up with since I had a good knowledge of it.

As a result, it was eventually determined that Yash and I would primarily advertise the product created by the other members of the group. Therefore, my other group member Yash and I were tasked with tracking down this advertising process. Basically, we created an Instagram account for which Yash, and I had a few meetings to discuss what to write in the profile bio, the profile photo, and other ways to promote it. This was a simple assignment for me because I already knew how to promote a product from our Business Management course. Most of our queries regarding how to promote this CAS project were answered here itself.

The most essential learning outcomes that I saw there was ‘Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively’. One of the most important elements in deciding on my work on this CAS project was this. It’s because after we met multiple times, it was only then that we agreed who would do what, therefore this illustrates the benefits of working cooperatively, which I personally learned.

Secondly the most important learning outcome I saw was ‘Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process’. After all, I knew most of the basics about how a product is marketed but promoting it in real-life terms was a learning challenge for me. In the sense that I was putting my knowledge to use in a real-life circumstance. But I was more confident and enthusiastic about doing so, which ultimately displayed my abilities and expertise. The most important thing I learned was how to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to the actual world. Now I’ve had a positive experience with it.

Finally, the most significant Learning Outcome, which was the driving force for this CAS initiative, was ‘Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.’ Certainly, we have witnessed abrupt climatic change in the last several years which is causing health difficulties for people. As a result, this CASP was found to be significant in causing various behavioral changes in humans. As a learning outcome I knew I could change personally and tried my best to support this CAS Project and help others raise global awareness.

Rugved DP 2