CAS Project

I have been writing songs and singing for 11 years. My life goal is to have a career in music performance. The CAS project allowed me to set realistic goals that allowed me to reach my end goal of becoming a professional musician. My objective was to gain exposure through posting covers on YouTube and work towards releasing my debut EP.

I faced several challenges while working towards my goal. I did not have the right producer or vocal coach for my music, I struggled with motivation and time management. However, instead of giving up, I reached out to my teachers for guidance and through their network, I was able to find a suitable vocal teacher for me. I took a break from writing songs and decided to focus on my voice for a while. Parallelly, I was searching for producers and with my vocal teacher’s help, I was able to connect with one in the UK. He was the best suitable option for the music I wanted to create. I was never interested in production, nonetheless, working with him helped me realize the importance of understanding it. I started working on my knowledge in music production and aim to expand it through experimentation and research. At a point, I even encountered writer’s block and stopped writing songs for a while. However, by talking to my vocal teacher, I learnt different techniques such as using mind-maps to come up with themes and lyrics for my songs. It took me months to overcome my writer’s block when I wrote Goodbye, the last song in my EP, and I am proud of how far I’ve come from there.

I aimed to remain resilient and persevere throughout the experiment. I realized that collaboration is crucial in order to gain more perspectives and expand my knowledge. I learned to use the struggles and criticisms to constantly improve myself. I prioritized and took value from everything I did regarding music to overcome my challenges. I published my EP, Starrise, in September 2021, and I am planning to release my debut album by the end of 2022.


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