PYP Parents Supporting PYP Learners

As a PYP parent at MIS, you are part of our community of learners who contribute positively towards your child’s learning journey through the IB programmes.

As a PYP parent, there are several specific ways you can support your child. Inspired by an IB poster, we have created a graphic to help summarize what we think are the 6 most important ways you can support.

In no particular order, here are a few ideas for each type of support and ideas to take you further. If you find all six overwhelming, choose 1 to focus on first.

1. Take an inquiry stance:  As the leading strategy teachers use, all teachers at MIS take an inquiry stance. What does this mean for parents? Here are few things to do and resources to access.

2. Reflect together: The PYP framework builds in time for reflection for students to be aware of their effort and identify specific ways to improve in the future; it is also part of our approaches to learning (ATL) under thinking skills to reflect on the process of learning. Here are some ideas for you:

3. Support agency: The PYP define agency as, “the power to take meaningful and intentional action, and acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of the individual, supporting voice, choice and ownership for everyone in the learning community.” How can you help with this?

4. Give feedback: Feedback is one of the most effective tools we have as teachers. It moves students forward by considering, “What’s my next step?” There is always a next step in learning and we need to help learners identify what this is. Here are a few ideas:

5. Extend concepts: In the PYP, we have a carefully designed, intention concept-based curriculum. Concepts are powerful, broad and abstract organizing ideas that build understandings across, between and beyond subjects. How can you extend these at home?

6. Live the learner profile: If you want to chose one area to focus on first, this would be it! Supporting the learner profile attributes is a key way to support your child. You can help by first understanding all 10 attributes, using these words in conversations with your child and living the learner profile through your words and actions.

Finally, here are a few more PYP parent resources from the IB.

Enjoy your inquiry and continued learning about the PYP. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming PYP parent workshop at MIS.

Carla Swinehart

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