CCAs and Service

As a way to “Promote Learning, Encourage Responsibility and Celebrate Diversity” MIS has all secondary students participate in Service Learning and Activities programmes. Service Learning programmes are clearly connected to the IB Learner Profile as well as the requirements for MYP and DP certification and MIS Graduation. The after school Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programme allows students to experience and pursue areas of interest, passion and discovery outside of the scheduled curriculum.

CCA programme

Many of the CCAs are student led. Students from MYP-4 to DP-2 plan and prepare sessions in their own interest areas, and then lead other students in understanding, learning new skills and pursuing or discovering passions. This year we have 18 student-led CCAs, ranging from Origami and Painting/Sketching to the Automotive Club, Chess and the Rainbow Alliance. In connection with these, MIS teachers also support CCAs and are leading activities that include Yoga and Coding.

As part of the CCA programme, students develop leadership skills as they learn to collaborate and interact with other students and teachers in non-traditional classroom settings. Student leaders have discovered new ways to share their ideas, skills and passions that has allowed them to also learn and grow.

Service Learning

Our MIS Service Learning programme continues a tradition of MIS students working with community groups. Throughout the time of virtual learning, students have been able to modify their activities so that our local community groups still receive valuable and authentic support. Leaders have recognised the privileged positions MIS students hold, and how this enables them to help others with less access to internet and educational facilities. MYP-4 to DP-2 students align their experiences with specific Learning Outcomes where they reflect on personal, individual growth.

Service Learning has allowed MIS to reach out to Akshar Sarita, Equality for All and Doorstep to assist in the teaching of English, science, math, technology and art. Other students with multiple language skills are working with Primary sections to translate books into audio recording in languages including French and Arabic. Service Learning does not stop when the weekend starts. MIS Eagles are also involved in environmental and hill conservation projects, as well as running football, basketball and dance activities for Primary students.

Jodi O’reilly