Celebrating Francophonie in the Primary at MBIS! – Celebrating our Diversity

Francophonie is a term or a concept that includes all the French speakers in the world. Did you know that there are over 220 millions French speakers in the world? 220 millions!!! That’s quite a number!

On Tuesday 19th March, the PYP French learners celebrated the Francophonie Month by sharing some of the ways they learnt to express themselves in their French class during the PYP Assembly.

We also included some of our native speakers and community members who know a bit or a a lot of French! They too, are part of the “Francophones”. We shared how non verbal language was so important in all cultures and languages. To showcase this, we created a video of 8 ways you can express yourself in French without words!

The French learners also shared their creativity by sharing videos of their Makey-Makey & Scratch projects that allowed them to learn French through coding. Another group of students explained what motivated them to create the MinecraftEdu world: they were inspired by the diversity of the French speaking community and integrated architectural and cultural aspects of Madagascar, Canada and France in their virtual space.

Finally, we had a student share her ebooks that she created using the Book Creator App and where she talked about her passion and interests.

During the Unit 2 in French, the students focused on the learner profile attributes of Communicators, Thinkers and Reflective. During their presentation at the PYP Assembly, they were able to take action by embodying those attributes. They shared their learning creatively and concisely, with a real audience; they expose their process of designing their tasks using problem-solving and critical thinking skills and they reflected on their performance after the assembly by appreciating each other’s work and thinking of ways to continuously improve themselves.

Another group of students also enacted and recited poems linking to the World Poetry Day, celebrated on 21st March. If you want to read poems in Marathi, Hindi, German, French, or English, you can access a collection of them here.

We were pleased to have an engaged audience during our assembly! We wish you all a very happy Francophonie Month.


Madame Fanny Passeport