Classroom spotlight: MYP 3 science

At MIS, we believe learning to be defined by nine principles. A recent assessment in MYP 3 on creating a healthy meal plate helps one witness how learning is enhanced when it is made applicable and learner centric. Not coincidentally, The IB logo has the learner at the centre, denoting the learning to be of prime importance when facilitating knowledge. Further,  it is only by application of content that one imbibes information to internalize into knowledge.

This is a sample of the nutrition label made collectively by one of the groups:

In science, MYP 3 students are currently exploring a unit, “lifestyle choices”, where they identify and understand what a healthy lifestyle means and how it can be attained with a balanced meal and exercise. For this, one of their assessment tasks was to cook a meal! They were divided into groups, where they decided who would prepare what aspect of the meal and how, together, their varied products would make a healthy meal plate. Below is a sample of their planning document showing these collaboration skills:

It was interesting to see the skills demonstrated by the students. They showed proficiency in editing videos to make high quality content. They made connections to issues of global importance such as world hunger. They also showcased some expert cooking skills! It was exciting to see an engaged community of students and parents cooking and enjoying a healthy meal that was balanced with all macro and micro-nutrients. Great job, everyone!

Jasmine Sandhu