Combining Poetry with Photography


For our CAS project we are making a blog which will easily be available online. We are making this with a collection of poetries and Photographs created and composed by us. The images depict the poem, its idea and main theme. Most of the poems are about experience and self-realization. The poems and photographs will be placed side by side and complement each other.

We decided to name our project Shalom, a word in Hebrew which means peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye. We aim to make our works a whole. This project is being done with a combination of both of our passions, Photography and poetry, where I am going to be portraying the poem in a pictographic form helping in its visualization.

We realized that we need to research, discuss and start creating creatively as our word choice and grammar, angles and subject matter. Our target audience for this were individuals interested in photography, poetry and literature of around our age.

Through this project I have learnt a lot about myself and time management. I have understood that there come times that you need to take leadership and lead, but also times that you need to let others take a lead and listen to their thoughts. There have been times that we have procrastinated, and I know now that I need to just start and give some time and work on the task. Segregating a project into small bits helps, as you start it, keep doing it little by little and it doesn’t feel that it is too overwhelming or too much when you think about it.

Due to the Covid restrictions we came to know that it would be difficult to go to places or set up in order to take images and there was a high possibility that if I wanted people or the writer of the poems to be in the images, it would be difficult. So, we have sometimes had to plan past that and change our ideas and concepts.

The ATL skills we are meaning to develop through this process include Thinking, Communication and Self-management skills. These are some of the most important ones for this project as we have to constantly keep discussing and communicating with each other about every aspect, while collaborating and listening to each other’s opinions. We have to think about significant themes in our poems and photographs and how we choose to represent them in the best and most appropriate manner possible, as this connects to how we communicate with our audience. We have to manage our time well by working in an efficient and sustained manner. This project is also teaching us to listen to each other and become more open minded about each other’s thoughts, ideas and contributions while considering them.  We may disagree sometimes but when we revisit it we figure something out, that would be best from the process of the project.

While choosing our CAS project, it was very essential for us to choose something we love to do and would want to work on for a minimum of 4 weeks. Choosing something you enjoy makes the time go by easily as what you’re doing becomes fun. When you’re enjoying it, it gives you time in your busy week to work and think about something you actually want to and have chosen to do. So, when choosing a CAS project choosing something of your interests would be wise.  

Mahika DP 2