Core lessons in the Diploma Programme

The student centered model of the DP programme has 3 elements at the core of the programme – TOK, CAS and the Extended Essay.

Theory of Knowledge has scheduled teaching lessons and most of the CAS outcomes are achieved out of school. The objective of the Core lessons in the DP is for the students to be briefed about the Diploma programme requirements and reinforcement of the skills they can use.  This year a couple of sessions about goal setting and evaluating them with the reports were useful to the DP1 students.  Another interesting session was Alumni of the class of 2012 talking to the DP classes about their MBIS and IB experiences. At this time of the year the DP2 students are briefed about tips for completing their Extended Essay, the reflections and more.

As the Core lessons are facilitated by the DP Coordinator and the College Counsellor, the students have the opportunity to discuss their college applications, queries about the Extended Essay and CAS during this time.  Core lessons have been used productively by the both the Diploma years.