DP Lunch Concert

This year DP2 students in music encompassed  Uday, Parth and Hendrik.

Since part of the Diploma Music Programme summative assessment is a performance, we had a lunchtime concert to enable our students in this endeavour. The concert featured the above individual MBIS music DP students, who worked hard for weeks to put forth a remarkable performance, which  celebrated their affection for music and their knowledge towards the subject.

The performances ranged from Hendrik’s trumpet piece “Makedonske Devojce”, a challenging arrangement of folk music from Macedonian to pieces on the guitar played by Uday,  “Always With Me, Always With You” by Joe Satriani an American rock guitarist, perfect exemplar to any growing guitarist, leading to Uday’s second piece “Don’t Dream It’s Over” a song with a blissful somber touch to it. Lastly, the lunch concert ended with Debussy’s “La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin”, also commonly known as “The Girl with the Golden Hair”.

The Swedish saying “there’s no cow on the ice” was naturally adapted by our DP2 students who confidently aced each performances without blemish.

In whole, it was a successful concert as our students enthusiastically contributed in each others performances through accompaniment or being a part of a critical audience, welcoming their achievements into growing ovation. And yes, best is yet to come, as our proficient DP2 students are gearing up in their skills aiming to hit different genres of music in the coming weeks. Kudos to their determination.

Kirsten William

TA Music dept