“Design is a subject to develop knowledge, understanding and skills from different disciplines to design and create solutions to problems using the design cycle.”

Students learning engagements( evidence of learning) @ MBIS: Students from MYP 1 to MYP 5 are engaged in the following learning spheres through different units of learning like understanding the design cycle (MYP 1), Data Analysis (MYP 2 to 4) and e-portfolio revision (MYP 5).

MYP1: Students are learning about the ‘Design Cycle’ by engaging themselves in designing a product using the cardboard and makey-makey kit. They are now working on the criterion ‘Creating a solution’ wherein recording their voice for playback using the scratch program and the makey-makey kit, along with this they are developing the documentation skills that are necessary for their journey of learning in the subject ‘Design’.

Data analysis is an important concept to analysis the various situations going around the world. For example, data analysis to measure the performance of an automobile, data analysis to check the heart performance of a patient etc… From MYP 2 up until MYP 4, students in their units are focussing on developing the skills to understand the concept and apply the knowledge in real world scenario. The students are using spreadsheets skills at different complexity level to analyse the data in different situations. Throughout the units the students will understand the importance data collection, data managements, data filtering, data utilisation and dashboard designing. Overall, they will be able to create a product to solve the problem in the given/selected situation for their client.

Most of the students in MYP 5 are curious about how the e-portfolio would look like? What skills we will require for the e-portfolio? So, understanding the students and e-portfolio requirements, we are doing the unit which will prepare the students for the upcoming e-portfolio. Students are introduced to the unit which is similar to the e-portfolio and students are supposed to complete their task as per the requirements of the e-portfolio. This unit will definitely prepare the students to understanding the requirements and gain confidence for their final submission.

…… A wide array of solutions such as websites, animations and posters are being developed as students utilize prior knowledge and gain new skills on the way. In the near future, MYP 5 students are required to give the E-Portfolios as a standardised IB examination. The ‘Design Process’ over these past 5 years, has fortified our ability to interact with clients, think creatively to develop solutions, and reflect on our decisions. These skills are not only integral for success now, though are a requisite for the future.

Sneh Deshpande (MYP 5 student)