Developing Your Own Passion for Career and Educational Pathways

Mr. Arjun Puri’s (O.P. Jindal University) visit to MBIS was not only a great informative session about the university but also a very thoughtful discussion on choosing careers and what one must keep in mind before doing so.

The unique part of the discussion was the fact that it was so casual but so crucial for us deciding students. Mr. Puri talked about how we must take our own interests in mind while choosing our careers. He said that if we succumb to factors like salaries or benefits, we will never be truly satisfied with our careers and we will never be the best. A very striking thing that Mr. Puri said was that if we don’t truly like what we do, there will always be someone above us who actually enjoys doing the same thing.

It really made a lot of students think as we just thought about careers according to the popularity it gains or the good amount of money that we can get. I’m sure that just like me, many students got inspiration from Mr. Puri’s own experiences doing what he loved – food!

We also got a great insight into the capabilities of Indian colleges, especially O.P. Jindal University, something we had initially underestimated. Overall, there was some immensely valuable advice that we gained about choosing our careers and doing what we love.

Thank You,

Harsh Kotwal



You may find more about Arjun Puri along with his Biography on the O.P. Jindal Global University Website:

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