Digital Literacy

Hello everyone, my name is Kabir. I am in PYP 5 and this blog is the process and the reason for my inquiry which is Digital Literacy.

Why did I select this inquiry?

I selected this inquiry because it is something that should be taken action on and technology and learning is also one of my deep interests. I also chose this inquiry because I realise that we are the 2nd millennium and we are still using 19 century items and thinking, which should change.

Based on that I created the central idea, lines of inquiry, Approaches to Learning, key concepts and so much more. They are:

Central idea- Digital technology can impact our world.

Lines of inquiry:

  1. The uses of digital technology in literacy
  2. How artificial intelligence integrates with digital technology
  3. Developing responsible digital technology

Key concepts- function, form, responsibility

ATL’s- Thinking skills,- generating novel ideas, application, application in multiple contexts

research skills,- gathering and recording, consuming and processing, considering multiple perspectives

Transdisciplinary theme-  How the world works

Related concepts-technology, Presentation, Innovation, system

My Inquiry links to the school vision by being innovative to improving the school’s community and the outside, it connects to the mission by promoting better learning and to encouraging responsibility with the technology.

 During my research I found out a lot of information and some of it I would like to share with you.

Some key points in my research which I found out are that around the world most people would prefer to do a Kahoot than listen to a long lecture.  Also, using digital technology saves the environment. A key feature I found out was that it will be necessary at the time to correct software errors for net technology. I also found out that the main role of AI in digital technology is to make your life easier. I came to know that we need to develop responsible digital technology and be responsible with it and also be willing to use it. One important fact I came to know is people would prefer a book of Q and A, since there is more curiosity and makes you want to read that book.

I used the primary sources- a survey and interviews with Aryan since his answers were chosen for some questions and so was Jonathan and Antoine whose answers were all unique.

My secondary sources are all located on My Bib

To take action I made multiple items to spread awareness

I made an app which was how I was going to share my idea with the world

I made scratch-

A presentation (one of my main aspects)

And also a poster-

These are the ways I have taken action to spread awareness and it will not stop, but i would like you to follow these things and help me to change our world.