Diwali Celebration

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diwaliDiwali is one of the many light celebrations the PYP students can name and they had a firm understanding of the story behind the celebration and how the lights element represents the triumph of good over evil. The students were eager to talk about how Diwali is celebrated and how it is a time for families.
This year we took it a stage further and discussed how we can show more responsible in our celebrations.
The younger students understood about sharing gifts, being kind and helping with the preparations for the celebrations.

Our older PYP students demonstrated some in-depth thinking and connections to the UN Goals for Sustainability. We had contributions about how to tidy up post the fireworks, to keep the streets and our societies clean. On a health and safety note that this should only be done the following day, when fireworks would be cold.
There was also the consideration of the noise pollution factor and how this impacts the animals and how we can keep our pets less stressed at this time. The students also had an awareness of light pollution and how the smoke pollution from the fireworks can have a negative impact on animals and humans alike.

One very strong point raised about the use of child labour in firework factories and how not only are the children often injured but it also means these children are not in school.

The students concluded that if we want fireworks we should: have fewer, set them off away from animals and ensure we tidy up the following day.

If you have a light festival you would like to share with the students do let me know and we can arrange a time for you to come and speak to the students.