Edition 1 – Exhibition

Group 1 – Animal Welfare Synopsis

For our exhibition topic, we chose animal welfare because we are all very passionate about animals and would love to help them. We thought of many ways to help them in all of their problems and we think that our exhibition was very successful. We also hope that the audience enjoyed our stall and thought that it was very interesting. If you didn’t visit our stall, it’s fine because we will give you a brief explanation right now.

Our Central Idea was, ‘Human actions impact animal rights’.

Stella and Prakruti focused on the, ‘Impact of Human Interaction on Animal Communities’.

Joshua and Lea focused on  how, ‘Human Activities Impact Habitats’.

All of us focused on, ‘Responsibilities of Humans towards Animal Rights’.

For our action we wrote a story, created two websites, made a game and presented our exhibition. We also chose to go to different cafes or restaurants to tell them that they shouldn’t use plastic straws because it can kill animals and destroy the environment.

When we presented, we were ready for any questions and comments, we were prepared and even though we were very nervous, we did very well and were successful. Each one of us has a special talent that we have shown through the exhibition. In the end we realised that even though we faced challenges, we did very well and are proud of what we have done.

  • Group 1 – Animal Welfare – Prakruti, Stella, Joshua and Lea

Group 2 – Health and Wellbeing

For our Exhibition, we focussed on ‘Health and Wellbeing’. In our small group, we are using the Transdisciplinary Theme WHO WE ARE where we focussed on:

  • The Nature of Self,
  • Personal, physical, mental, social, and spiritual Health.

We put this inquiry into action by going from class to class from PS1-PYP 2. We targeted different senses for each class.

PS1 and PS2 inquired into vestibular (Inner ear and brain), gustatory (Mouth movement and taste), proprioception (Body movement), motor planning (changing direction/ deciding how to move next) and motor skills (Cutting, writing, drawing, sticking, etc.)

PS3 was auditory (hear) and visual (sight).

PYP 1 was tactile (touch).

PYP 2 was olfactory (smell).

Overall, we think that we did an awesome job and learnt a lot. Of course, a lot of research and hard work was put into this Exhibition (and our future careers) and I personally think that we did a  spectacular job and will carry these treasures and new skills for the rest of our lives.

  • Group 2 – Health and Well Being – Vrinda and Soumya

Group 3 – Art Therapy

Hello, we are the Art group and our topic for the Exhibition was Art Therapy.

Our Transdisciplinary Theme for our exhibition was : How We Express Ourselves.

Central Idea : The Arts can help people express and discover their ideas and feelings.

Line Of Inquiry 1: Different perspective can be expressed through the arts.

Line Of Inquiry 2: Relationships between emotions and Art.

Line Of Inquiry 3: Arts can affect a change.

For our exhibition, we did a lot of research and thought it best to divide it amongst ourselves. This is how we accomplished our work:

Riddhimaa: I researched symbols and if they are connected with feelings. I also researched Art Therapy. I found out that Art Therapy is an effective tool for mental well being and it helps overcome or reduce stress. Symbols are connected with feelings and they can make you feel different emotions.

Jaeyun: I researched  the meaning of colors, what it represents, how it is connected to the emotions and which emotions of the artist  the color can shows in painting or art therapy.

Taerin: I researched the third line of inquiry by opening an Art stall in school. We opened it to know what other people think about art therapy and how art therapy can help people.

For our Action, this is how we covered the different aspects of our exhibition:

Riddhimaa: I did my action with the Doorstep students. Doorstep is a group of underprivileged children who go to different schools including MBIS. I met up with them twice and we did different activities including doing art with nature.

Jaeyun: My action was doing the art therapy with the teachers. My action was on Wednesday, April 18th from 14:50 to 15:30. The teachers mentioned that it was one of the most relaxing sessions.

Taerin: My action was doing the art therapy with my friends and my parents at home.

  • Group 3 – Art Therapy – Jaeyun, Riddhimaa and Taerin

Group 4 – SPACE

We had eight weeks to finish the Exhibition. We had a Google Slide e-journal where we had to practice and write down all the things we did each week. The slide had our action, reflections and research.

Our Transdisciplinary Theme was: Where we are in place in time

Central Idea: Space science impacts society

Line of inquiry 1: Astronaut roles and responsibilities

Line of inquiry 2: Space exploration

Line of inquiry 3: Our responsibilities while learning

In the first week we start researching about space. Lockman researched astronauts and Tiana researched space exploration.

For our action, Tiana made a model of space, a prototype and had an art exhibition. Lockman created a model of a space ship and had information on posters.

Presenting our exhibition to students, parents and guests was very nice and we enjoyed it!

  •  Group 4 – Space – Lockman and Tiana