PYP 2 field trip to Pataleshwar Caves

PYP 2 Trip to Pataleshwar Caves

The students of PYP2 have been inquiring into the different types of journeys people take under the transdisciplinary theme “Where we are in place and time“. In order to get a better understanding and a full-on experience of what journeys are, they took a short trip to the Pataleshwar Caves. These caves are one of the oldest sites (over 1300 years old) in Pune. These caves are a protected heritage site and a magnificent monolithic creation, carved out of a single rock in the 8th century.

Once the venue for the trip was identified, the students were involved in making choices and decisions to make this trip a success. They individually made a packing list of the items they would need for this journey. After brainstorming the names of the people in school who would help us with this trip, the students were divided into groups and they wrote letters to them giving a rationale for taking this trip, the venue and timings for this trip and in what way they could help the students.

During the trip, the students were enthralled and mesmerized by the enormity of this carved structure. A sight to truly marvel about, the students came back very enthused to share their experience by writing a recount. With this learning engagement, we hope that our students will apply their new found knowledge to the journeys they take in future.

Here are a few recounts-

My exciting day to Pataleshwar caves

Today, I went to Pataleshwar caves. I wondered how many days it took to carve the humongous cave. I looked forward to going on this trio and I was very excited. I discovered there was a temple in the cave. I learned that it is a lot of hard work to carve out a whole rock. I knew that the caves were in Pune but I didn’t know that Pataleshwar caves were 1300 years old! I thought there would be lots of spider webs but now I know there were no spider was there.

Naisha Damani

My journey to Pataleshwar caves

Today I went to the huge, dark and exciting Pataleshwar caves. In the Pataleshwar caves I wondered how the carvers could carve the cave. I even thought about what they used to light up the caves. I felt very excited because it was lots of fun to climb up the rock. I discovered that the Pataleshwar caves were 1300 years old! I also discovered that it is one of the oldest monuments of Pune! I saw many banyan trees near the caves. I made connections to the tree in my society. I knew that Pataleshwar caves are huge but now I also know that the caves are also a temple. I found that in Pataleshwar caves there are coins stuck inside the cracks of the walls. The journey made me feel very excited!.

Tia Parekh

My journey to Pataleshwar caves

I went on a field trip to Pataleshwar caves. Before I went, I wondered if there is cave painting and diamonds in the caves. But there weren’t any cave paintings and diamonds. It was big. I felt a little scared. I discovered there was a crack in the wall. There were coins inside this crack. I found out that the caves were 1300 years old but now I know it wasn’t finished. This journey made me feel scared!

Jihoon Han

The PYP 2 Team